New Caledonia: 1. Thomas SCHMIDT (GK), 2. Jorys MENE, 4. Jean-Brice WADRIAKO (C), 7. Leon WAHNAWE, 9. Jim OUKA, 10. Cedric DECOIRE, 13. Joseph TCHAKO, 14. Nathanael HMAEN, 15. Joseph ATHALE, 18. Pierre KAUMA, 19. Mickael PARTODIKROMO,#Substitutes: 3. Aquilas WAHNAPO, 6. David BEARUNE, 8. Shafi MANDAOUE, 11. Raphael OIREMOIN, 12. Yorick HNAUTRA, 16. Jimmy WAHNAPO (GK), 17. Ben MALAKAI, 20. Johan IDRELE, 21. Jacques NYKEINE (GK), 22. Theo JALABERT, 23. Vince POITHILI#Suspended: 5. Jean-Luc DECOIRE#Coach: Thierry SARDO (FRA)#Fiji: 20. Tevita KOROI (GK), 2. Ravinesh KUMAR DASS, 4. Kolinio SIVOKI, 5. Jale DREOLA (C), 8. Atonio TUIVUNA, 9. Iosefo VEREVOU, 12. Tevita WARANAIVALU, 13. Filipe BARAVILALA, 14. Garish PRASAD, 15.Napolioni QASEVAKATINI, 17. Nickel CHAND#Substitutes: 1. Senirusi BOKINI (GK), 3. Praneel NAIDU, 6. Saula WAQA, 7. Manasa NAWAKULA, 10. Rusiate MATAREREGA, 11. Christopher WASASALA, 16. Sakaraia NAISUA, 18. Viliame BAWAI, 19. Ratu NAKALEVU#Coach: Carlos BUZZETTI (AUS)#Match Officials:#Referee: Kader ZITOUNI (TAH)#Assistant Referee 1: Mahit CHILIA (VAN)#Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE (VAN)#Fourth Official: Norbert HAUATA (TAH)#FULL TIME: New Caledonia 2-1 Fiji#90’+3′ SUB NCL Leon WAHNAWE is replaced by Raphael OIREMOIN#90’+2′ Offside from Fiji as they look to break#Four minutes additional time#89′ Cross comes in, SIVOKI heads away but it’s New Caledonia who picks it up#88′ Pierre KAUMA goes down and as he gets back up doesn’t look comfortable at all#87′ SUB NCL Shafi MANDAOUE replaces Nathanel HMAEN#87′ SCHMIDT comes wide to clear#86′ VEREVOU takes out a player on the far side#85′ A couple of chances for New Caledonia but Fiji stand firm for these#83′ Side netting from OUKA after a tense couple of minutes#80′ Just touched over by KOROI#78′ RED CARD Marching orders for Jale DRELOA as he picks up his second yellow card#77′ WARANAIVALU shoots but SCHMIDT claims#75′ Some good touches up the left from Fiji, the play is well read by Jean-Brice WADRIAKO who comes across to send out#74′ HNAUTRA called into action immediately as he’s played a fantastic ball but he smashes out the other side of the goal#73′ SUB NCL Cedric DECOIRE is replaced by Yorick HNAUTRA#70′ WAHNAWE tries an over the head effort but he’s a bit ambitious#69′ HMAEN heads down but doesn’t get it quite right as it comes down and over the goal#67′ SCHMIDT punches away and New Caledonia counter#66′ Off the left from OUKA this time but again wide#65′ Quality volley from HMAEN but KOROI punches away before Kolinio SIVOKI gets in a boot#64′ OUKA tries to flick the ball goalwards but sends it wide of the upright#63′ YELLOW CARD Tevita WARANAIVALU is cautioned#62′ Free kick in from DECOIRE but pushed over by KOROI#61′ Fiji foul OUKA just on the edge of their box and this could be dangerous#60′ Free kick for Fiji as DECOIRE is deemed to have fouled#58′ A great attack from New Caledonia but DECOIRE’s shot is weak and KOROI collects easy#57′ Long throw from New Caledonia is turned over by Fiji and Saula WAQA gets his first touch#55’SUB FIJ QASEVAKATINI is replaced by Saula WAQA, Nickel CHAND makes room for Savenaca NAKALEVU and Ravinesh KUMAR DASS is replaced by Manasa NAWAKULA#53′ TCHACKO brings the ball up the left and crosses#53′ Free kick for New Caledonia bounces around before popping out#50′ A chance for TUIVUNA to redeem himself after he heads an otherwise sure goal off the line#49′ Penalty is taken by Leon WAHNAWE but he has to re-take, the second effort is saved by an outstretched KOROI#49′ YELLOW CARD TUIVUNA is cautioned#49′ A pass back to the keeper from Tony TUIVUNA and the referee is pointing to the spot#48′ Off the post and back into play off the Fiji upright#46′ Back underway#HALF TIME: New Caledonia 2-1 Fiji#45’+1′ New Caledonia stay high at the back and CHAND is caught in the trap#One minute additional time#45′ Free kick for Fiji deep in their own half#44′ HMAEN holds on too long and loses possession#44′ DECOIRE is injured in a challenge but gets up and plays on knowing there’s just a few minutes left before the break#42′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 2-1 Fiji DECOIRE makes no mistakes this time as he brings down OUKA’s pass and fires!#41′ A shot from Cedric DECOIRE is poorly taken#40′ OUKA goes up against DRELOA and gets the better of him but KOROI has come out to claim#39′ Corner for New Caeldonia is put just over the cross bar when it comes into the middle#37′ DRELOA goes down in a challenge in front of his own goal#34′ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1-1 Fiji Thomas SCHMIDT with a great save off the first close range effort but he can’t halt the follow up from Napolioni QASEVAKATINI#33′ KOROI has to be quick to claim a loose ball as WAHNAWE comes in#32′ HMAEN with a reckless challenge as he tries to win an aerial ball – no malice but it’s a free kick#31′ Foul from HMAEN on VEREVOU, the free kick doesn’t go further than the wall from Tony TUIVUNA#29′ VEREVOU delivers a free kick and it’s just over the cross bar#25′ Filipe BARAVILALA clears away from Joseph ATHALE#23′ Free kick for Fiji just inside the New Caledonia half, Iosefo VEREVOU tries to bring it down but his opponents get in first#21′ A chance for New Caledonia, three players have a go and the diving header from Leon WAHNAWE goes so close!#19′ Joseph TCHACKO with a heavy challenge on PRASAD#18′ YELLOW CARD Jale DRELOA is cautioned for a challenge on MENE#16’ CHAND has a chance to shoot but skims it off the outside of his boot#13’ Garish PRASAD tries to bring down the pass from WARANAIVALU#10’ PARTODIKROMO climbs over CHAND to claim the header and is penalised#9’ Tevita WARANAIVALU heads clear and then boots the rebound away#8’ A free kick out the other side comes in and is just touched out the far side for a corner#8’ Free kick for NCL and KOROI has leaped out to save before Jorys MENE can get a head#5’ GOAL!!! New Caledonia 1-0 Fiji Jim OUKA fires past Tevita KOROI to open the scoring early#5’ New Caledonia making real inroads forward but as expected that last line of defence for Fiji is rock solid#2’ Excellent defending from Mickael PATRODOIKROMO to shut down Nickel CHAND and win the ball#1’ Nathanel HMAEN takes an early shot after being given room up the left#1’ Underway at Bisini Sports Complex with Fiji starting us off

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