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Pleasant Surprise for Verevou

Students and teachers of Saraswati Manoca Primary School welcomed the star of Fiji Football with students surrounding him and cheering and praising him as their hero.#Verevou was surprised when he heard the students cheering his name on his way to town.#“I was shocked when I heard them saying “SefoSefoand they ran towards me and start jumping on me.#“That made me proud that the school I attended and played for my young days had faith me.#Avishaan Kash Chand, a class 2 student of SaraswatiManoca Primary School said, he was watching Sefo playing and cheered for him.#“ I was overjoyed when he scored a goal against Germany.#“Even though Fiji lost I was happy that Sefo scored a goal.#“ I want to be like Sefo when I grow up and will do my best to be like him, he said.#Another student Ayush Chand said he plays with Sefo every day and like him because he always teachers him a lot when he is at the grounds.#“I want to be Sefo after watching him and Setereki Huges playing with the Fiji team and with that my interest has been more now and #I want to represent my country when I grow up.#School’s assistant Head Teachers Salesh Kumar was very happy to see Sefo and congratulated him for his success in the World Cup.#We watched him playing and new he will do his best to keep his and his countries name up.#Fiji FA Media#

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