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Fijian Olympians ready for Vanuatu battle

Four countries Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu are going to take part.#Fiji FA’s head coach Carlos Buzzetti said they were preparing well for the Pacific Games and it was timely call to participate in this tournament.#“It’s going to be a good exposure for our players to participate in this tournament,” he said. #Buzzetti pointed out it would enable them to rectify their strength and weakness and what more they need to work on for the Pacific Games.#“So far the players are doing well in camp and are gelling with the coaching panel.”#Buzzetti also added that the Under-23 players would not be released for their district duties.#“We are not going to release these players for the Galaxy Premier League till we come back from Pacific Games.”#Fiji play their opening match against Solomon Islands on Saturday, New Caledonia on Monday, June 15 and Vanuatu on Wednesday, June 17.#Vanuatu Football president Lambert Maltock said he had met the presidents of these countries and they have agreed for Vanuatu to host the first FNFC tournament.#“This is a senior football competition and the four countries will bring in their senior national team to Vanuatu to play and I’m sure the fans here will come in numbers to watch some exciting football action from the four countries.”#“The Vanuatu Football is hosting a big tournament after 22 years. The last one was the 1993 Pacific Mini Games. “We hosted the Melanesian Cup in 1998 on the island of Santo but Port Vila will now host this first ever Four Nations Friendship Cup Competition. #“The countries who are taking part in the competition are not just here to play football but will have the chance to see the damage Cyclone Pam had done to the Vanuatu people and also they will visit primary and secondary schools in Port Vila.”#“Finally, I encourage all the fans in Vanuatu to come along and support Fiji, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia and Vanuatu football players who will be in action at the Port Vila Stadium,” he added. The Solomon Islands senior team will be the first team to arrive in Vanuatu followed by Fiji and New Caledonia. #This will be a round robin competition and the winner will win the first ever Four Nation Friendship Cup 2015. #Four Nation’s Friendship Cup 2015#Venue: Port Vila Stadium, Port Vila, Vanuatu#Date: 13-17 June 2015#Countries: Fiji, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu#Match Fixtures#Saturday, June 13#1pm: New Caledonia v Vanuatu#3pm: Fiji v Solomon Islands#Monday, June 15#1pm: Vanuatu v Solomon Islands#3pm: New Caledonia v Fiji#Wednesday, June 17#1pm: Solomon Islands v New Caledonia#3pm: Fiji v Vanuatu#Fiji FA Media#

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