Good Job

“Match officials who have officiated at the 2013 Vodafone Fiji FACT have done a good job though they were criticized a lot by the districts officials, players and the football patrons but at the end of the day the decision made were correct and I have analysed the matches watching the video replays,” Kishore said. #I have made video clips and it is a proof that referees were correct.This is a new invention that I have put in place to analyze. Before we used to watch FIFA clips but now I can make clips of our local games. I will teach my assessors and referees how to make clips so that they can analyze their own games.”#Kishore says his referees always strive for the best when it comes to refereeing a football match and his statement was supported vigorously as few of his referees are officiating at the world stage and some are bound to officiate soon. #“Our referee Ravinesh Kumar is away officiating at the FIFA under 20 World Cup which is currently being played in Turkey and this is a proud moment for the Fiji Football family to see one of the Fijians being recognised at the world stage,”#Amitesh Behari has been doing very well in Futsal. He has already been to the World Cup. Behari has been selected along side Janud Dean who will be part of the Futsal Championship.#“Amitesh Behari and Janud Dean will be officiating at the Futsal Championship in Auckland as they will be getting experience.” Kishore added.#Meanwhile, more referees will be recruited and will go through the process soon according to Kishore who says the process has been ongoing. #“We have already started the process in the four divisions and some names have been submitted to FFRA for their membership approval. These young referees will be given Local league games, primary school games,secondary school matches and other competitions such as religious tournament so that they gain more exposure and when the Instructors recommend them then we will appoint them in Youth league matches.” Kishore concluded. # Fiji FA Media #

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