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Rakiraki players have district pride: Goundar

“The players in my team do not play for money or any thing else but they play for the love of the game and district pride, we do not have any major financial boost but what we have is the players are playing with their heart for the district. This is one of the differences between us and the other teams and the players are proud of what they are giving to the district.” Goundar said.
Goundar wants to build a formidable side before Battle of the Giants and he believes the players will be ready when the tournament nears.
“We are giving exposure to our young players in this tournament (Fiji FACT) and we are preparing our team for the other tournaments this year, we have not been in the camp preparing for the tournament unlike other teams.” Goundar added.
Meanwhile, Rakiraki fielded one of the oldest players in the tournament Mosese Marai valu who is 42 years of age but still going strong.
“I have started football with Rakiraki and I want to end with Rakiraki. The thing which has kept me going is the fitness which is very important and the support of the people back at home. But I think I will be hanging my boot soon and concentrate on coaching more,”
Maraivalu had also spent a short stint in rugby before making a come back in football.
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