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Presidents Corner

Girls under 16 Championship# A total of 37 schools took part with teams from North and Levuka, this is a very positive development for women’s football and it will grow in different age group.#The Secondary schools Under 16 girl’s championship was held around the country last week and I believe this is something positive for women’s football in the country. This event has been made possible through the hard work of the Fiji FA development officers and the support from the schools and teachers.#This is part of our preparation for the 2014 Oceania Football Confederation women’s Under 17 World Cup playoffs. Our aim is to select a strong squad from this tournament which will prepare for the playoffs. #OFC Champions League #The two teams who will be representing the country in next year’s OFC Champions League have been confirmed. Ba and Nadi are the two outstanding teams who have done well and fought hard in the Fiji Sun/GP Batteries National Football League this year. Deservingly Ba and Nadi will be the two teams who will be playing at home in the OFC Champions League.this doesn’t mean the teams have to be complacent as O League is totally different and more competitive and they have to gear up for that.#Fiji Sun/ GP Batteries National Football League#We are nearing to the completion of the Fiji Sun GP/ Batteries National Football League and it was a very tough season for all the ten teams that have participated but unfortunately to make it more competitive the two bottom placed teams will have to play in the Premier Division from next season but nevertheless they should not lose hope and look at the positive things.#Futsal#We have also started with the Fiji FA Sun Insurance and Deven P Sharma Southern Futsal League and we will be heading to the second and third round of league and this is a path to develop Futsal to another level. We have started with the Southern Futsal league and slowly we will be moving to the other divisions as well.#

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