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Five teams for U16 playoffs

Matches in the Western and Northern zones were completed last weekend while remaining Southern division matches will be completed this weekend. #After this weekend round of matches the top five sides (Two from South, two from West and one from North) will be determined.# #Fiji Football Association Technical director Farouk Janeman says the tournament will coincide with the Inkk Mobile Battle of the Giants. #The second round of the Inkk Mobile Battle of the Giants will be played from August 16-18 at Govind Park. #Girl’s competition is expected to be played at the National Football Academy Grounds. # U16 competition successful#By Fiji Football Association Technical Department#The 36 Secondary Schools Girls U16 football zonal championship kicked off in six zones last weekend.#The parent, the teachers, friends, schools mates, supporters made it look very challenging, enjoyable, entertaining and lot of enthusiasm was shown by the players. #The eagerness to play football with interest made each players look smart.#Every game played by the girls team had a lot of improvement and the willingness by the players to show their own self and the talents whichever way as individuals and also as in a team.#History has been created. #The female teachers involved showed lot of love for their school and players. They at times acted as coaches to help motivate the young players. #Friends and supporters cheered the mates in the field of play. When goals are scored, celebrations of hugging and cheering by players brought scenes of joyous and happiness.#The final whistle brought teams together for prayers, meeting and greetings. The winners run away to their supporters and teachers with pride whilst the losing teams cheered themselves to ensure the next game will be better performance.#When all finished in the afternoon, teachers, parents and female players have asked the Technical Department to ensure that we continue Girls football in more Age-Groups in the League format in different districts.#The Girls football has gained a lot of momentum and the demand is endless. Everyone in the ground appreciated the new are of Girls football that Fiji FA has embarked into with lot of eagerness and positive future. #League games in every district will continue as this championship finishes, so, be ready, to be the district champion. Keep training to be fit and wait for the next kick-off date.#Lastly the Technical Department thanks the Fiji FA President Mr. Rajesh Patel and his officials for the superb support for Girls football.#A big thank you to the Education Ministry, all principals, teachers, parents and supporters for backing and supporting secondary girls football in a very welcoming way.# Fiji FA MEDIA# #

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