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Two Players Out Of Fiji FACT

Two players have been ruled out of the 2017 Vodafone Fiji FA Cup Tournament after they were tested positive for using illegal substance in Nausori yesterday.

This was revealed by the Fiji Football Association chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf. Yusuf opted not to disclose the names but confirmed the players who tested positive were from the Labasa and Dreketi match.

“We started with the drug test especially marijuana and we tested the two Nadi and Ba players and both were tested negative,” he said.

“In the Dreketi and Labasa match there were two players who were tested positive and they would be banned from now on.”

Yusuf said the players would be given second chance and if found guilty again would face disciplinary actions.

“Both players are out of the tournament but will be retested after six weeks and in that if they are found positive, they will be dealt by the Fiji FA disciplinary committee.

He said the random doping test would be contested during the tournament in Nausori.

“After the game two players from each district are tested and will be done throughout the tournament.

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