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Increased prizemoney a challenge for districts

The winner of this year’s Vodafone Fiji FACT will walk away with $17000 in prize-money while the runner-up gets $5000.

This was confirmed by Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel during the pool draws last Thursday at Vodafone Shop at Tappoo City in Lautoka.

Patel said he understood that districts spend a lot of money in its preparation and participation in any tournament and would say they have thought of increasing the prize-money.

“As we know the tournament is getting bigger and better and the districts spent a lot money in their preparation and I have not got the approval yet but as always the prize-money used to be $15000 for the winner and $4000 for runner-up and I think so this year we are trying to make it much bigger and better one and we will make it $17000 for the winner and $5000 for the runner-up, “said Patel.

Patel said that was something for the districts to challenge for this year.

“As we do it this will be something we look forward as we go over the years where the tournament gets bigger and the prize money gets bigger and the districts should be rewarded accordingly, “said Patel

The Vodafone Fiji FACT will be staged at Churchill Park where the pool plays will be held from May 3-5 while the semi-finals and final a week later.

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