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Suva needs to work hard: Khan

Khan, who has played for Suva for 16-years netted the winning goal in the 1995 Battle of the Giants to give the Capital side a win over Navua 2-1 in the final at the then National Stadium in Suva says Suva needs to dig deep if they are to taste victory again. #“If the team is to stand with the trophy at the end there is lot of work which needs to be done so that we are not left back and crying over the spill milk. There is lot of work which needs to be done in the team and with all due respect to the current coach Gurjit Singh he needs to work with the resources which he has on hand then depending on the quality players,” he said. #Khan who was present at the ANZ Stadium in Suva to witness his former team play Nadi andLabasa was disheartened to see the performance. #“Though Suva won 5-2 over Labasa that is what we all wanted but I was not satisfied with the performance, the defense was not steady enough to hold the opposition attack from which resulted Labasa scoring two goals. At the upfront the strikers need to be good ball hunters SamuelaDrudru was standing and waiting for the arrival of the ball. How many goals did Suva score with the hard work of the strikers. It was all high balls which helped them to score against Labasaas they were lucky the opposition defenders were napping.” Khan said. #The former national team central midfield creator says reshuffling the players in the midfield would bring positivity.#Khan with the bulk of experience and knowledge in the mid field for years believes Suva have other players who can connect well with the rest of the team mates as their midfield was not functioning.#“Looking at the midfield of Suva they were not functioning well with the strikers therefore I would recommend Nigerian Kenneth Oneyama to come into the central midfield from the flank as he has really played well against Labasa, he has vision and the knowledge of footballand only contender for that specific position. Eventually this is what we have discussed with the other football passionate after the match and during the week. Strikers need to go for the ball just like SanniIssa does playing for any team and at the end we don’t want to see our team losing but we all want our team to win, still there is time for the team to work hard to strive for the best with one of the best and former national coach Gurjit Singh guiding the side. He should be able to mould the young players and make a combination which can topple any opponent that stands on the team’s way,” he added. #Khan though hitting out hard at Suva has also not ruled out the Whites from featuring in the semifinal on Sunday alongside with Ba from group A but rates Labasa would be the third best which will try to secure their semi final berth. #“Suva would qualify with the last year’s runner up Ba from group A while group B it is extremely hard for me to predict who would come from that group as all the four teams are outstanding and any two can qualify but it has to be Nadi and Navua given their performance in the national league matches. I would not be surprised to see Labasa also accompanying Ba into the semifinal if Suva fails to live up to the expectation and bows down to Labasa in the first run. Ba has been in the current form lately and the exposure they have got from playing in Oceania Champions League will be a plus for them and then playing at the new turf at the Stadium will surely suite the side as they have been known to play on such a turf,” former national Futsal rep added.#Bhaiya (Intiaz Khan) as commonly known in the football field has also represented the county in the five-a-side code and he has also coached the national side confirmed Nadi as his top bet to win the tournament beating the Oceania Champions League semifinalist Ba in the final.#“Nadi is the side which has been performing very well this season and I would tag them the winners to walk away with the trophy when the tournament ends. Nadi coach Kamal Swamy just has to work a little bit more to tighten their defense structure since there is no doubt they have capable players at front that can score against Ba.” Combine mentor concluded.#Bhaiya has also wished his former side Suva the best in the Vodafone Fiji FACT tournament and hopes Gurjit Singh and his brigade brings another win to the Capital.# Fiji FA Media#

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