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Nadogo confident enough

Association president, Arun Kumar is confident of doing better this time around after losing all their matches in the previous round. #“I’m hoping that the team will do better this time as we got a little bit of preparation time and the players are looking forward to the matches. The thing which matters the most to the association is that all the players are from Nadogo which we are very proud of,” Kumar said.#“We are facing a lot of difficulties to take the team to the venue ground due to the lack of sponsors but we are more than happy to keep the name of Nadoga alive in football,” he added. #The Nadogo president expects a lot of improvement in this round. #“The fitness of the players is now up to par compared to the previous matches but when it comes to game time then it can be tough or easy for any side. We are also not having any coach who can guide the side but we are depending on the senior players, most of our players are farmers and involved in sugar cane farms but still they have interest and district pride for the team,” Kumar said. #Nadogo plays unbeaten Dreketi side on Friday at 5.30 pm and then takes on Taveuni 3pm on Sunday.#Friday 07 June 2013#5.30pm Dreketi vs. Nadogo #7.30pm Seaqaqa vs. Bua# #Saturday 08 June 2013#1.00pm Seaqaqa vs. Taveuni #3.00pm Dreketi vs. Bua# #Sunday 09 June 2013#1.00pm Bua vs. Seaqaqa#3.00pm Nadogo vs. Taveuni# Fiji FA Media#

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