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Futsal trials for World Cup qualifier

The first trial will be held on July 16 at the National Hockey Centre for the Southern Division. #National Futsal coach Intiaz Khan said the first trial would see the selection of 40 players from the Southern Division for build-up matches for the selection of the national team to play in the World Cup qualifier in Tahiti. #“We are going to select 40 players and will put those players into 8 teams as they will compete in the Fiji FA Futsal League which starts on August 10,” Khan said. #“The Futsal League will be organised and coordinated by Fiji FA board in the Central, Northern and Western areas from which we will select our national team by mid-November who will play in the World Cup Futsal qualifier in Tahiti.”#Khan said the Futsal League will be played over 9 to 11 weeks and in between we will have our Futsal training programme where we will monitor the players based on their performance.#Khan said the Futsal League would continue throughout the year and other competitions would start after the World Cup qualifier in February.#He said players who are currently playing in the National League for their district would have to choose either they want to play football or Futsal.#“Those players who are playing at the club level for their districts teams are not entitled to play Futsal and players will have to choose if they want to play Futsal or football”, he added.#“This is because those players who will play Futsal will always be available for the league and tournaments.”#Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said Futsal competition was not happening from the past years and this was the part of the development programme which we they are starting from.#“Before we had to use football players to play in the national Futsal team where they were not performing so this is something different where we have our different code of conduct and the players have to choose if they want to play Futsal or football”, said the Fiji FA President.#Fiji FA technical director Ravinesh Kumar said the development of Futsal has already started.#“Yes we have started the development of Futsal from the lower age in primary schools so that in years to come we will have fully develop Futsal players”, said Kumar.#

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