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Suva not under pressure: Guru

Gurjit Singh coached side Suva ended their drought in style beating Ba in their home ground to clinch the title from Rewa last year with a Nathan Shivam goal and there is lot of expectation from the fans to win the title for the second time this year.#But Coach Gurjit Singh believes his team is not under pressure to perform well at the tournament starting this week at ANZ Stadium in Suva.#“I don’t want my team to play under pressure at the Fiji FACT but we will be playing our normal football as we have been playing from earlier this year. The three matches we have played last weekend was part of our preparation thus this has also given me the chance to select my best 11 to start in the matches in the Fiji FACT, we are trying hard to win but other teams are also doing well and i have due respect to all coaches and the teams,” Said Singh.#The veteran coach who knows the road to win Fiji FACT titles with Suva and Navua in his coaching career would be the one man whom the fans would be depending heavily to defend the title but for the US based coach Singh believes the Capital City fans are not playing their part.#“I am very disappointed with fans because they have not been coming to watch the boys training for the tournament which we are to defend. Their presence would have surely raised the morale in the camp ahead for the tournament. I have coached other districts in the past and the fans were always present on the ground for training but this has not been happening ever since I have started coaching the side but I remain hopeful they would come and support the boys ahead of the couple of days which we have,”#He also says that he is hoping that defender Joshua Wilson would join the side soon for the tournament which he has helped us to win.#“I am keeping my fingers cross for Joshua Wilson to join the team for the tournament and if things don’t go our way then we have to keep going with the players who have been playing for the team this year,”#Capital side would not have the services of Joseph Misra, SimioneMaikali, last year’s winning Captain EmoriRagata, winning goal scorer Nathan Shivam, CederickDutt, Solomon duo Luke Haterea and TranzyNather from last year’s Vodafone Fiji FACT but Singh has full confidence in the team which he has at hand to deliver the job.#“Most of our players have gone to other district as they played vigorously last year but I have told the current set of players that they have to perform well and do the utmost on the field. If you get a chance grab it, it is hard to get the second chance. All the teams would be coming prepared for the tournament and in the game of football anything can happen.” Singh said.#The Suva businessman Mahen Prasad who took over the presidency role some five years has been administrating Suva and his hard work was finally rewarded last year after winning his first tournament for the side believes there is more victory to come for the Suva in the future.#“We are focus on defending our Fiji fact trophy. It is the first time for me to defend any title with Suva and I will defend the first title with Fiji FACT on the list first. As the president of Suva FA I am really very proud to be the president of the one of the largest district and I assure fans we will do whatever we can to defend the title. The players can do wonders provided they do hard training on the field. Young players are the asset for the team in the future,” Prasad said.#Prasad said after losing several key players had made him bring the young blood in the team which would be perfect for the long run.#After the departure of the senior players to the other district and after come to a decision we decided to bring in more young players. The media have been previously criticizing the defense of the team but it is not like that, the defenders would be getting experience as the continue playing matches. Coach Gurjit Singh is molding the team well and with the concrete wall of SamuelaVula the players would shine.” Prasad said before defending their title this weekend.#Suva plays Labasa on the opening day before matching with Nadroga at the Stadium before meeting Ba in the last pool match at the Prince Charles Park in Nadi.# Fiji FA Media#

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