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Nadroga dreams of SF spot

Association president, Vijay Singh has sent a strong warning to his side ahead of the tournament this week. #“Fittest players in the Nadroga team will only survive in my team for the first tournament of the year and I have told the players to shape up or ship out because this is going to be 90 minutes of matches and the fittest teams will survive,” Singh said.#Stallions who have been known as upsetting the giants of Fiji Soccer Ba in the tournament opener in the past and the fate has again bought the both side to the same place this year but Singh said the previous records does not matter.#“I do not believe in the past results and record but I am preparing the team for the first tournament of the year. We will treat each game as it comes no matter if it is going to be Ba whom we going to play in the tournament first,” #Financial difficulties has forced the association to take 18 players in the squad for the Fiji FACT as Singh believes this makes the players work more hard.#“We will have 18 players travelling with us to first round of matches in Suva while the other players will be the non-travelling reserves and we will appoint a manager for them to look after them in the training and if we have any injuries in the side then we can select the players from the players who would not be travelling with us,”#Singh describes football as a beautiful game where one who does most errors will fall and who does less will have success.#“Football to me is just like a puzzle where if you make mistake then you will lose. The teams need to come prepared for the tournaments and we are also giving our best but anything can be possible in the match,” Singh said.#According to Singh the team has been in the development mode for the past several years and he believes the players have been developed for the future. #“The players who have been playing this year have come from the development process which was led by the former president and now the players have fully #matured and they will be on the go this year. I have a dream which is to aim to appear in the semifinal in the tournament,” Singh added.#Singh is calling on the fans to turn in big numbers to witness the side play Ba at ANZ Stadium in Suva.# Fiji FA Media#

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