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Rewa to lift their performance

“We have another couple of days left for us to work hard on our weakness and prepare our self thoroughly for the tournament. So far it is looking good for the players as they have adopted well with the style of play and team is now wrapping up the preparation,” Rewa coach Marika Rodu said.#Rodu says their main focus is to better their performance which is their main priority ahead of the first tournament this season.#“Our main focus is to get our performance better this year after we were not able to live up to the expectations of the fans in the national football league. But at the end it is up to the fans to decide on the performance of the team but we will keep on trying to strive for the best for the Rewa team,”#Rewa who last won the Fiji FACT title in 2011 is looking forward for the tournament to be a prosperous one for them as Rodu believes his team can reach up to the expectations of the fans.#“I am currently working on the squad which I have at the moment and the players who have played in the National Football League matches this season and just like any other team we are also working hard to stamp our mark in the Fiji FACT trophy. We had enough matches to put a formidable side in the tournament and the players have gelled well. We are also working hard to build our combination so that we can perform as a team.” Rodu added.#The side has singed in some of the top players in the country to add strength in the team to play to win in the tournament.#“Football is a team game and we do not depend on only one or two players to win matches for the Rewa team but rather it is a 22 player game and as we progress further the pressure is also building on us to perform better. All the players in the team have a part to play if we are to win the Fiji FACT. We have great opportunity and the thing which matters the most is how we are going to utilize the opportunities which we get on the field,” he added.#Rewa has been tagged as the underdogs in the tournament and Rodu believes it is a blessing in the disguise for the side.#“We have lost to all the three teams in the pool during the national football league season this year and therefore we are the underdogs in the pool which I believe is better because we would climb from bottom which I think is very positive for the team. As a coach I have confident in the players to do the job for the district,”#Rodu is urging with the Rewa fans to keep supporting the team in the tournament and this would lift the morale in the team.#“The team needs your support, blessing and your prayers to do well in the tournament but the team doesn’t want criticism from the fans as we are working hard to get back the smiles on your face.” Rodu told the Rewa fans.#Rodu also said the tournament would be bigger and better this year with the top eight teams playing in the competition but at the end of the day football is the winner. # Fiji FA Media

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