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Sky is the limit

It is justifiable with a 13 year old student Rithik Ravitesh Swamy of Nadi who has been officiating matches at the secondary school football and together with Nadi FA local league competition.#“I have started to officiate match in January this year and since then I have been enjoying doing what I love doing the best and I am doing my best in every match and also improving on my weaknesses which I have, I have been fourth official and also an assistant referee on the lines,” Swamy said.#It was a nervous start for Swamy at the beginning when he took whistle and flag in his hand but since then he has been over coming is all nervousness and taking full control either on the line or as the fourth official.#“At first when I started on the line I was very scared of the comments coming from the people and the coaches if they were not happy with the decisions taken on the field but now everything is going fine and I am not facing any problems with the help of other experienced referees around me which I am very thankful.”#Swamy who is a form three student at SSKM is keeping his fingers crossed to become a FIFA referee in future. #“My plan is to become a FIFA referee and officiate at the World Cup and thus with the experience I am getting now will be a big bonus in my career when I will be ready to officiate at the bigger events,” #Swamy who wants to walk on his dad’s footstep that has a electrical business wants to become an Electrical Engineer in his career but he believes sky is the limit for him. #“I want to be a successful person in my life and enjoying both officiating at the football match and also building my career as I am the sole engineer to build by own future.” he added.#Dinesh Chand, Nadi FA referee who has bought Swamy into the refereeing says he looks very promising and the future looks bright with the whistle in hand.#“I am trying to develop the future referees though he is young and has been officiating at the number of matches there is no single complains from teams and we are also teaching them some of the tips which is very beneficial to them.” Chand said.#Rithik who is just 13 has a long way to go in the refereeing career as he today proven that there is no age to dream big. # Fiji FA Media#

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