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Kumar supports her husband

He revealed that he wants to hang his boots and concentrate on his family and studies in an interview on this website. #Kautoga who has been one of the top class defender in the country expressed his view last week and he is fully supported by his wife Charisma Kumar.#Kumar who is a Senior Foreign Exchange Dealer at the Bank of South Pacific says she supports the decision his husband has made and goes on to say that it is a wise decision for the betterment of the family. #“I am very supportive of his decision as it has been made taking into consideration the future and not just the present. At present I support him playing for Amicale FC since it’s beneficial for us and our current plans. Football is his passion, so he will always play it for sure but not too long as a profession as he had earlier told you his intensions. One has to work during their working life to support his family hence like he said he can’t be playing football and any married man has the responsibility for the welfare of his family,” Kumar said. #Kumar who got married to Kautoga after his side Labasa won the Courts Inter District Championship in 2011 believes her husband has achieved everything in his life. #“He is already successful having played at different levels up to national level. He has played for two different teams in O League which is Lautoka and Amicale. He has been approached by two other clubs as well for the next OFC Champions League. Every transfer window in Fiji he receives offer from different districts so he has proved himself on the field as an excellent utility player,”#She does not believe that behind every successful man there is a woman but she said she was there for her husband when he needs her the most. #“He was already a successful football before he met me but however his life was limited there so I encouraged him while he was still thinking about his future plans. He has been telling me since last year that he can’t play football for too long as he wants to have a normal timetable, work and spend ample time with our daughter Avrielle. So I motivated him that he still has time to complete his studies and build his career while his still young.” #Die hard Suva fan Charisma Kumar says as parents they want to spend more time with their daughter and make her future. #“At present we are concentrating on having our house built and once he retires from Amicale he will finish his studies. Together we need to be with our daughter Avrielle as she takes steps in life. She is our major priority and we take her into consideration while making vital decisions. So we both need to focus on our careers and plans together for Avrielle’s well being,” Proud wife added.#Like any other wife who supports her husband in happy and sad moments Charisma has also become the strength of her husband as national duties comes first for him then being with the family. #Kumar believes a player plays for the dream of the other people and she has became his strengthen when he was asked to be part of the national duties. #“I have supported him in his decisions to go and represent Fiji whenever selected, like last year our baby was just two weeks old when he had to go to Solomon Islands and play for Fiji during OFC. He was hesitant to leave me and the baby behind however I convinced him that we will manage and he can go without any anxiety. He has decided to return to FNU and complete his studies. He was actually telling me last night that once he starts with his studies he doesn’t want to play football and just focus on studies. So I see him having a bright future because any body who decides to complete education doesn’t let it go in vain once accomplished.”#She describes Samu as a very humble and down to earth player and says he is a loving father and caring husband.#“He is very attached to Avrielle and likewise she loves having her dad around. He is a really sweet dad, he sings and sways his daughter every night to make her sleep and takes her out for strolls in the afternoons. Saturdays we go out with Avrielle and Sunday is our church day. I am very fortunate to have a husband like Samu.” Kumar enthused.# Fiji FA Media#

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