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Dean ready for the challenge

The referees will face the first hurdle before the tournament giving the fitness test from where the best selected ones will be able to progress further to officiate at the event.#“I am looking forward for the championship next week and I have been training hard for the event and there for me I am ready to officiate at the event,” Jainut Dean said.#Dean who has a Muslim faith has been fasting and coping with the training has become difficult for him but he is determined to do well and over come all the challenges he faces.#“I cannot train for longer hours as currently I am fasting but then I have to train early in the morning before four in the morning and then after that I go on fasting which means I cannot train during the day. In the even I start training after breaking my fast which is after six, just only for 30 minutes but I do not see this a obstacle in my path but this is for the blessing for the championship,”#Dean, a school teacher believes he is fully prepared to officiate at the championship and he has met all the requirements.#“For me I am ready to officiate and have met the requirements running 1000 metres in four minutes. The fitness test is completely different from the 11- a side football match and in the test we also have to sprint as well,” Dean said.#Dean is thankful to the Football house for giving him the chance to officiate at the championship.#The 2013 OFC Futsal championship will be held in New Zealand from July 23 to July 27, 2013. #Since the championship not being a World Cup playoff , the Australia, Malyasia national teams have been invited along with a NZ invitational side. #Referee Assessors#Massimo RAVEINO Tahiti#Neil POLOSO Solomon Islands#Fitness Instructor#Mark HESTER New Zealand#Referees#Amitesh BEHARI Fiji#Francois CUCCURULLO New Zealand#Jainut DEAN Fiji#David KAUSUO New Caledonia#Rex KAMUSU Solomon Islands#Philip MANA Solomon Islands#Lency PAKOATANG Vanuatu#Ryan SHEPARD Australia#Chris SINCLAIR New Zealand#Teihotu TAEREA Tahiti#Darius TURNER Australia#Stephane UPA New Caledonia#Campbell-Kirk WAUGH New Zealand# Fiji FA Media#

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