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Ashif’s passion for football

Ashif Ali is one of the Youth players for Rewa who have been sacrificing a lot to achieve his dream of playing in the Rewa senior side. The young lad was on fasting for the month of Ramadan where consuming of water and eating of food is forbidden from the sun rise to sun set. Despite not eating or drinking anything Ali took the field for his side and played gallantly and even scored a goal for his side against Navua Youth in the 2-0 win. #“I was fasting the whole day but still I played for my team because it is the love and the attachment for the game of football which I have though it is not allowed to eat but I guess it was the fitness which carried me throughout the two days of playing football which was a challenging one for me,” Ali said.#Ali who is studying Automotive Electronic Engineering wants at Fiji National University believes that the god always supports when in everything he does and with that he managed to score one goal against Rewa.#“Scoring a goal against Navua I would regard us a gift from god and I feel very pleased with the result of the match that it went in our favour. If you are dedicated and have passion for football then no one can stop you from achieving it. Playing football where you do lot of running in the match which makes us thirsty but my coach tells me not to make lot of run as there are other players. My coach is very understanding and supportive during the training and we all breaking our fasting together after training with the “Namaz” prayer before you could eat something,”#Parents play a important role in their children’s life with all the support and guidance Ali also has the parents who supports him in his football career. #“Mum and Dad are very supportive to me and they are always there for me but during the month of fasting my mum is not very supportive for me playing with out consuming any food, all the mothers are like that they are concern about their children welfare and health and my mother is just like any other mother so she is afraid if I might feel dizziness while playing but my father always encourages me and supports me therefore I am so fortunate to have a loving and caring parents,” former Nasinu Muslim College student said.# Fiji FA Media#

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