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Solomon Islands: 1. Philip MANGO (GK) (C), 2. Rollence MISITANA, 6. Alffie CHACHA, 8. Joachim KAIRI, 9. Dunstan QUANAFIA JNR, 10. Jared RONGOSULIA, 12. Obed KEVIN, 13. Fred BALA, 14. Atkin KAUA18. Allen PETER, 19. Timothy BAKALE,
Substitutes:3. Simon DAOI, 4. Loea Erekona LEMIX, 5. Misitana SAMANI, 11. Herrick LAUTALO, 15. Leslie RAMO, 16. Timothy BUNABO JNR, 17. Brett HONISAWA, 20. James DO’ORO (GK), 7. Edmond Felix TAEVO
Coach: Commins MENAPI (SOL)
Papua New Guinea: 1. Vagi KONIEL (GK), 2. Abel REDENUT, 3. Jonel KAMBUAL, 4. Ayrton YAGAS, 6. Dirik KOMOLONG (C), 8. Joshua TALAU, 9. Papalau AWELE, 11. Peter DABINYABA, 12. Nigel MALAGIAN,13. Maya BOB, 19. Frederick SIMONGI,
Substitutes:5. Rodger SAKING, 7. Isaac LALO, 10. Steve INIA, 14. Freddy TUPANI, 15. Nicky BENJAMIN, 16. Randol BONGI, 17. Ferdahlas NAMUESH, 18. Danny KEVIN,20. Jimmy GIBSON (GK)
Coach: Wynton RUFER (NZL)
Match Officials
Referee: Ravitesh BEHARI (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 1: Avinesh NARAYAN (FIJ)
Assistant Referee 2: Terry PIRI (COK)
Fourth Official: Robinson BANGA (VAN)
Full Time: Solomon Islands 0 PNG 2
Referee signals full time
90′ Seven minutes of added time
88′ Solomons get a free kick
87′ PNG get a free kick
85′ Quanafia is not able to get a clear shot as PNG crowd the box
84′ Substitution Samani is introduced to the game as Kairi makes way
81′ Kaua beats two defenders and fires a shot which is tipped over by Koniel
80′ PNG get a free kick as Awele was brought down from behind
78′ Peter’s shot hits the top of the bar
76′ PNG is awarded a corner kick as Mango collided with his defender allowing Awele to intercept and cross inside the Solomons box
75′ PNG get a free kick
75′ Solomons get a corner. No danger for PNG
73′ Awele is now down injured. Referee advises him to leave the field for treatment
72′ Peter lobs a ball over the PNG defence , Koniel races to collect
71′ Simiongi is back on the field
69′ Simiongi is out of the field receiving treatment
68′ Awele curls a cross as Lalo comes in with header which is not on target
67′ Match resumes
67′ The match has stopped for a while as the PNG net needs repairs
64′ SUBSTITUTION Namuesh replaces Malagian
62′ Kaua comes in with a powerful drive which sails over the PNG goal
61′ Yellow Card PNG ‘s Malagian is cautioned
60′ Solomons has had a numerous attempts at goal but PNG defence has stood tall
59′ Substitution Chacha makes way for Bunabo
58′ Free kick to the PNG
57′ Yellow Card Komolong is cautioned
55′ Koniel dives to cancel any danger
54′ Free kick to the Solomons
51′ GOAL!!!!!!!!! Bob targets the free kick towards goal. Solomons goalie Mango fumbles the ball which slips in the net. Solomon Islands 0 PNG 2
50′ Free kick awarded to PNG
49′ Free kick to Solomons
49′ Behari takes PNG’s Joshua Talau aside to warn him verbally before Timothy Bakale delivers a free kick which doesn’t trouble the keeper
47′ Some action in the PNG box as the game resembles a pinball machine in the box but PNG recover well
SUBSTITUTION: Double half-time change for PNG as Steven Inia and Isaac Lalo come on in place of Jonel Kambual and Peter Dabinyaba respectively
The second half gets underway
45′ Referees signals half time: Solomon Islands 0 PNG 1
44′ Kaua aims for goal as Koniel leaps in the air to tap the ball out. Solomons wins a corner
43’Free kick to Solomons
42′ Kairi over runs the ball as te Solomon Island put in a good phase of play
41′ PNG get a free kick
39′ Quanafia sends a good cross inside the PNG box. Koniel races out to collect
37′ Kevin long range attempt does not trouble Koniel
36′ Dabinyaba is back on his feet as play resumes
36’Dabinyaba is down injured
35′ Bala’s shot is off target
33′ Awele once again comes with a powerful drive but shot travels wide
32′ Corner kick to PNG
30′ Quanafia fires a shot. Koniel is on the right spot.
29′ Awele has a crack at goal. Too much power as the ball sees over the goal
28′ Free kick to PNG
27′ Solomons get a free kick
26′ Bala comes in with a powerful drive which travels wide
24′ Free kick sails away to the right
23′ Solomons get a free kick as referee Ravitesh Behari deens keeper Koniel outside the box with ball in hand
23′ Free kick straight into the hands of PNG keepers waiting gloves
22′ Yellow Card Abel Redenut is cautioned for PNG
20′ Dabinyaba sends a long pass as the Solomons defenders clear
18′ Free kick to PNG
16′ Talau is unable to follow a cross as the ball beats eveyone out for a goal kick to PNG
15′ PNG coach Wynton Rufer is up giving instructions as the first quarter of the match nears completion
13′ Awele intercepts as Solomon defenders were trying to clear but the ball travels out
11′ Bakale fires a shot which sails over the PNG goal
10′ GOAL!!!!!!! Awele delievers the free kick it deflects over the wall and AyrtonYagas heads into the back of the goal for PNG
9′ PNG get a free kick at the other end
8′ Solomons caught offside
7′ Bob who went out for treatment is back on the field
6’Solomons get a free kick. PNG defenders are able to clear
5’Kairi races in and send another cross which goes straight in the hands of goalie Koniel
4’Awele is caught off-side
2’PNG is getting a series of throw in’s as they progress forward
1′ Joachim Kairi sends a cross inside the PNG box. Cross is cleared
The match gets underway

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