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Starting line ups
American Samoa
ASA: 1. Fred MAIVA [GK], 2. Johnny SIONE, 3. Neemia KALEOPA, 4. Paul COLLINS, 5. Paia IPINIU, 6. Sam KOME, 7. Rueben LUVU, 9. Ryan PAAGA (C), 10. Sinisa TUA, 12. Kaleopa SILIGI, 15. David ALO,
Substitutes: 11. Falai KERISIANO, 13. Fala LEVAULA, 14. Tokilupelekina AFU, 16. Lotupo LAMETA, 17. Henry LAMETA, 18. Tokoita VAIELI, 23. Sione Haisila MOEAKI [GK]
Coach: Rupeni LUVU [ASA]
VAN: 1. Charlie WAIVUI [GK], 2. Jason THOMAS (C), 4. Alphonse LENCY, 6. Remy KALSARAP, 8. Justin KOKA, 10. Bong KALO, 11. Alex SANIEL, 14. Kersom KALSONG, 15. Etienne NAIEU, 17. Sam IWAI, 18. Kerry IAWAK,
Substitutes:3. Goshen DONA,5. Joseph IARUEL, 7. Elie MELITE ROSSI, 12. Andre BULE, 13. Ruben FRANK, 16. Jacky RUBEN, 19. Renold IWAI, 24. Ricky DICK [GK]
Coach: Etienne MERMER [VAN]
Referee blows the final whistle . Full Time: American Samoa 0 Vanuatu 4
90+3 Sam Iwai fires straight at the waiting gloves of Maiava
90+ Substitution- Vanuatu Gersom Kalsong makes way for Ruben Frank
90+ Free kick to American Samoa
90′ Substitution- American Samoa Tokilupelekina Afu replaces Sinisa Tua
89′ Fourth official signals added time of six minutes
87′ Free kick no way near goal. Ball travels wide
86′ Sam Kome comes down heavily. Free kick to American Samoa. Paaga lines ups the free kick
85′ Free kick to American Samoa
84′ American Samoa get a free kick
83′ Substitution- Vanuatu Renold Iwai replaces Koka
81′ Substitution- American Samoa Kaleopa Siligi makes way for Henry Lameta
80′ Paia Ipiniu progress towards the Vanuatu goal is cut short by raging defenders
79′ Kalo swings a shot wide. Goal kick to American Samoa
77′ Vanuatu get a free kick
76′ Sent off American Samoa coach Rupeni Luvu is sent off
76′ Yellow Card- American Samoa Luvu is cautioned
74′ Substitution-Vanuatu Elie Melte Rossi replaces Jason Thomas
73′ Throw in not able to find racing Paaga
72′ Koka lobs a shot inside the American Samoa box. Maiava go
es high to cancel any danger
71′ Maiava is back on his feet as match resumes
70′ American Samoa goalie Maiava is down injured
69′ Substitution-American Samoa Fala Levaula replaces David Alo
68′ GOAL!!!! Vanuatu 4 American Samoa 0 Kalsong scores Vanuatu’s third. Maiava tapped out a shot. Kalsong cut inside and launched a powerful strike.
67′ Free kick to Vanuatu
66′ Justin Koka is not able to get boot to ball infront of goal. The balls rolls to Saniel who shot is tapped away by Maiava.
65′ Free kick to Vanuatu as Collins fouled a Vanuatu player
64′ American Samoa caught off side
63′ Match resumes
59′ Match has stopped for a while. The American Samoa net need repairs
58′ Vanuatu player caught off side
57′ Free kick to Vanuatu
55′ GOAL!!!!!! Vanuatu 3 American Samoa 0 Gersom Kalsong fired a long range attempt which even Maiava’s dive could not deny.
55′ Maiava gathers a rolling ball calmly
54′ The corner is swinged inside. Saniel is not able to get a header. Goal kick to American Samoa.
53′ Corner kick to Vanuatu
52′ Maiava collects at ease as Vanuatu players rushed towards goal
51′ Corner kick to Vanuatu
49′ Corner kick to American Samoa as a Vanuatu player headed the ball out
48′ American Samoa get a free kick
47′ Saniel’s shot rebounds the goal post
46′ American Samoa defenders clear
Second half under way…. Due to technical difficulties we could not bring the first half. At half time Vanuatu led American Samoa 2-0. Goals were scored by Gersom Kalsong and Bong Kalo

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