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Papua New Guinea 2 Vanuatu 4 is pleased to be bringing you live updates of the match, please refresh your browser for the latest action.#For further updates visit us on Twitter @OFCfootball PNGvVAN or watch the game live via our YouTube account here. #Starting Line ups: #Papua New Guinea: 6. Dirik KOMOLONG (C), 7. Issac LALO,8. Joshua TALAU, 9. Papalau AWELE, 10. Steve INIA, 11. Peter DABINYABA, 12. Nigel MALAGIAN, 16. Randol BONGI, 17. Ferdahlas NAMUESH,18. Danny KEVIN, 20. Gibson JIMMY (GK)#Substitutes: 3. Jonel KAMBUAL,5. Rodger SAKING,13. Maya BOB,14. Freddy TUPANI, 15. Nicky BENJAMIN, 19. Frederick SIMONGI#Coach: Wynton RUFER [NZL]#Vanuatu: 1. Charlie WAIVUI [GK], 3. Goshen DONA, 4. Alphonse LENCY, 6. Remy KALSARAP, 8. Justin KOKA, 10. Bong KALO, 11. Alex SANIEL, 14. Gersom KALSONG, 16. Jacky RUBEN (C), 17. Sam IWAI, 18. Kerry IAWAK #Substitutes:5. Joseph IARUEL,7. Elie MELITE ROSSI,9. Tony KALTACK, 12. Andre BULE, 13. Ruben FRANK, 15. Etienne NAIEU,19. Renold IWAI,24. Ricky DICK [GK]#Coach: Etienne MERMER [VAN]#Referee: George TIME [SOL]#Assistant Referee 1: Johnny NIABO [SOL]#Assistant Referee 2: Sione TEU [TGA]#4th Official: Averii JACQUES [TAH]#90+4′ Referee blows the full time whistle: PNG 2 Vanuatu 4 #90+3′ GOAL!!!! PNG 2 Vanuatu 4 Tony KALTACK finds JIMMY out of position. He fires a long range shot. #90+ 2′ Substitution-Vanuatu Elie MELITE ROSSI replaces Gersom KALSONG#90+1 Corner kick to Vanuatu#90′ Fourth official signals four minutes of added time#90′ AWELE goes down heavily as referee awards PNG a free kick#89′ Free kick to PNG#89′ GOAL!!!! PNG 2 Vanuatu 3 Tony KALTACK’s far post header sees Vanuatu score their third goal#88′ Vanuatu get a corner#87′ Tension is building on the field as a draw for Vanuatu would mean Fiji qualifies for the FIFA U20 World Cup#86′ RUBEN is down injured #85′ Free kick to PNG#84′ KOMOLONG comes in with another defensive clearance#83′ Vanuatu claims for a corner but assistant referee thinks otherwise#81′ Substitution- PNG Injured Randol BONG is replaced by Freddy TUPANI#80′ Free kick to Vanuatu#79′ KALSONG’s header goes into goal but assistant referee says KALSONG was off side#78′ Vanuatu get a free kick#75′ Randol BONG is down injured. The match is paused as he seems really injured and likely to be replaced#74′ Free kick to Vanuatu#73 Free kick to PNG #72′ Substitution- Vanuatu Tony KALTACK replaces Alex SANIEL#71′ Free kick to PNG. INIA is down injured. He receives treatment and is fine as match resumes#70′ AWELE is caught off side#69′ Free kick to PNG as KOMOLONG is fouled#68′ Substitution- PNG Nicky BENJAMIN enters the field for Peter DABINYABA#65′ FRANK swings a shot. His shot is on target but JIMMY drops to gather#63′ GOAL!!!! PNG 2 Vanuatu 2 Gersom KALSONG comes with the equaliser. JIMMY spilled the ball and KALSONG on the right spot to nod the equaliser #62′ GOAL!!!!!!! PNG 2 Vanutu 1 AWELE cuts inside the Vanutu box and crosses to SIMONGI who comes in and fires PNG’s second goal#59′ Substitution-PNG Frederick SIMONGI replaces LALO#58′ SANIEL links with FRANK who cuts out and fires at goal. Not enough power as JIMMY collects at ease#57′ Free kick to Vanuatu#56′ Substitution-Vanuatu IWAI makes way for Ruben FRANK#56′ Vanuatu caught off side#55′ JIMMY makes a series of crucial saves as PNG survive an onslaught#54′ AWELE tries to link up with LALO who is able to reach it but his side is wide#54′ JIMMY taps the ball towards goal. KOMOLONG comes to the rescue and clears #53′ SANIEL follows a cross. JIMMY comes out of his box to clear #53′ Another free kick to PNG #52′ Free kick to PNG#51′ KALO’s free kick just inches away as the ball sees off the face of goal#50′ Free kick to Vanuatu#49′ KOMOLONG comes in with a long clearance#48′ Free kick to Vanuatu#47′ KALO steps up for the free kick. He targets goal but his shot goes wide#46 Vanuatu get a free kick#Second half underway #45+ 1′ Referee blows for half time PNG 1 Vanuatu 1 #45+1 AWELE makes his way towards goal but is not supported#45′ Fourth official signals one minute of added time#45′ INIA drops low for a vital clearance as Vanuatu players rushed towards goal#44′ Free kick to PNG#43′ Free kick to Vanuatu#42′ GOAL!!!!! PNG 1 Vanuatu 1 Gersom KALSONG followed the corner kick and headed in the equaliser#42′ Corner kick to Vanuatu#41′ AWELE follows a cross but WAIVUI gets to it first #40′ WAIVUI is back on his feet as resumes#39′ WAIVUI is down and looks to be in pain#38′ INIA swings theb free kick inside the Vanuatu box. WAIVUI goes high and taps the ball but it drops only a few meters. IAWAK comes in with a big clearance#37′ Free kick to Vanuatu#36′ Corner kick to Vanuatu#35′ AWELE races around the Vanuatu box and has a go. His shot sails wide#34′ KOMOLONG’s header clears a Vanuatu cross#33′ KOKA follows a cross. He comes racing and fires a shot over the goal#32′ Corner kick to Vanuatu. Kick is dropped in the PNG box but defenders are quick to clear any danger#31′ SANIEL not able to control the ball after receiving a good pass#30′ KALO fouls INIA as PNG gets a free kick#28′ Vanuatu caught off side#27′ TALAU header clears off a Vanuatu cross#26′ WAIVUI dives to collect as PNG rushed towards goal#25′ YELLOW CARD- Vanuatu Bong KALO is cautioned- free kick to PNG #24′ RUBEN’s shot straight into the hands of JIMMY#23′ JIMMY dives to save a KALSONG shot#22′ Free kick to Vanuatu as AWELE fouled a Vanuatu player#21′ Another corner to Vanuatu#20′ RUBEN tries a long range attempt but his shots deflects a PNG player#19′ Corner kick to Vanuatu#16′ AWELE’s header travels wide#15′ GOAL!!! Papua New Guinea 1-0 Vanuatu Under pressure from Awele at the back, Goshen Dona plays back to his keeper Charlie Waivui who’s come off his line leaving the goal open and Dona’s pass is a goal for PNG#14′ Kerry Iawak makes a lightening run up the left before he’s closed down#14′ Ruben sees Koka making a run up the right and sends but Jimmy is out to the edge of his area to pick up#13′ Long ball from Dirik Komolong is brought into the box and Alphonse Lency is the man making the clearance for Vanuatu#12′ Bong Kalo with the best chance so far as the ball pops to him at the top of the box, he drives low and hard but is just wide#11′ Steven Inia’s first touch gives Alex Saniel enough time to cut in for a steal#10′ Papua New Guinea just caught offside there#10′ The Vanuatu defence seems to be missing the commanding and calming presence of Jaison Thomas who is suspended for this match#9′ Dirik Komolong just intercepting to prevent a defence splitting pass#8′ Free kick drops in front of the goal mouth and Gibson Jimmy is waiting under it#7′ Koka on the receiving end of a clash with Rondoll Bongi and he’s crawled to the sideline for treatment on the far side#6′ Justin Koka out wide for Vanuatu goes over the top of Joshua Talau conceding a foul#5′ Vanuatu skipper Jacky Ruben playing a deep defensive role here#5′ A lot of early pressing from Papua New Guinea but it could be hard for them to maintain this pace#4′ Isaac Lalo makes a great advance up the right flank, plays off to Papalau Awele who is two-man teamed off the ball#3′ Nigel Malagian does well on the byline to prevent a cross from Kalo#2′ Bong Kalo receives in the middle and hoofs it forward, not a good pass to Gersom Kalsong#1′ Papua New Guinea play forward and make some good early advances coming close to the Vanuatu box#The match kicks off#

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