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Reward for loyal fan

A die hard Labasa football fan has been awarded his loyalty after he was given free complementary ticket to watch all the games at the 2019 Vodafone Fiji FACT at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

Bissun Deo, 72 never misses any tournament to watch Labasa play.

The sugarcane cutter from Vunicuicui said he always had hope for Labasa.

“I always come to watch Labasa play in tournament with hope they will win but I don’t get disappointed if they lose,”Deo said

“I understand how difficult is it to win a tournament and I know every team prepares well and better team wins, “said Deo.

Deo said he never came without thoughts that Labasa will not win.

“I am a passionate footballer and I have played football so I don’t care if my team wins or lose I will always support them,”

“I know one team cannot will all the time, “said Deo.

Deo thanked Fiji FA for rewarding him with free entry to all the major tournaments.

“This is something good that since 1970s I have been following Labasa team and have been given opportunity to watch their games free,”

“I am so happy and thanked Fiji FA for their generosity,”

Deo said he had to save a lot for his trip to Viti Levu for the tournaments.

“I have to start my savings after our cane cutting season just to watch Labasa at all the major tournament.”

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