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Support for ending violence

The Fiji Football Association held an awareness campaign focused on ending violence towards women and children during the 2019 Vodafone Fiji FACT at Churchill Park in Lautoka.

More than thirty children took part in the three days event to show their support to the End Violence Campaign.

Fiji FA Just Play and End Violence campaign coordinator Lia Waqairatavo said the aims of the campaign were to develop respect, understanding and tolerance among girls and boys, women and men and the community as a whole through football.

“The campaign will look to engage both a community and sport based audience, creating a unique platform through which to disseminate critical information on #ENDviolence.

“Violence against women is widely condemned as a fundamental violation of human rights and is recognized as a significant public health problem, causing enormous social harm and costs to national economies.”

“In addition to affecting women, violence also has a detrimental impact on children, “said Waqairatavo

“Football is a vital tool for building peace and understanding across nations, and can also be a powerful instrument to oppose violence against women, helping promote gender equality and also children’s rights,”Waqairatavo

Waqairatavo said football was a passion for most men and it was a great way to reach out to them directly and advocate for women’s rights.

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