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Kasavu Club To Make Debut Game

A 73- year old Kasavu Football Club of Rewa will be making its debut in the Vodafone National Club Championship after finishing second at the Food City Sponsored Rewa Football Local League competition.

Club spokesperson Naseer Zoheed Sanif said they were very proud for the huge achievement.

“This is a huge achievement for us and our community as who0le as we are the third oldest club in Rewa football and we have qualified for the NCC for the first time after 73 years of our existence,”Sanif said.

Sanif said their achievement was achieved through the support of the whole community and especially from the president Mohammed Sharif from Australia.

“We had aimed this year to qualify for the NCC from the start of the local league and our support from the community was very much which gave us strength in every match,”Sanif added.

He said it was overdue for his club to be in the Vodafone National Club Championship.

“It has been long time we have been playing Rewa Local League competition and this year with the help our president Mohammed Sharif we were confident of qualifying.”

He said they recruited some experience players with the home grown players to strengthen the side in the competition.

“We recruited some experience players in the team with the likes of Rewa reps Lorima Dau, Vuniuci Tikomaimereke, Peniame Drova, Samuela Kautoga and Gabrieli Matanisiqa to add more strength,”

Sanif added that former Rewa, Suva and national goalkeeper Joela Baleidrokadroka also stood tall in the goal mouth.

“We also have Baleidrokadroka in goal and his experience helped us a lot with former Rewa rep Nizamul Shah who has been playing for the club for a long time now,”Sanif said.

Sanif said they were going to the NCC with the underdog tag but their aim was to qualify for the finals.

“We will be taking each game at time and we hope to qualify for the final play off and win.”

He said the Rewa Local League competition and had been very competitive.

“The Rewa Local League competition has been competitive and we know the NCC will be more competitive.”

“We will be working on our weaknesses before making our debut in the tournament,”Sanif said.

He said they were proudly sponsored by SAF Communication PTY Ltd and thanked their sponsors.

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