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I am not a magician: Gamel

I am not a magician says Vodafone National Football coach Christophe Gamel as the team prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Stage 3 matches against New Zealand and New Caledonia.

Gamel said he was doing his best to prepare the team for the qualifiers and would give a good fight to opponents in the competition.

“I am impressed with some of the players’ mentality and attitude which have made me easier to teach them the style of play which I want them to play, “he said.

Gamel said he was looking at the technical aspect of the game.

“The first camp was bit okay but there are still lots of improvement needed before we play New Zealand. I want to improve on some technical areas like defence and attack. We need to improve on this and get the formation correct before playing New Zealand.”

Gamel said he would work without the Ba and Rewa players who are preparing for the OFC Champions League.

“But the players I will work with I will ensure that they learn the technical aspect of the game.”

Gamel has high hopes of the national team and is confident that come game time against the All Whites, they will be up to the challenge.

“I’m working hard and I’m optimistic that we will improve on our weak areas as well,” he added.

He said he has a vision and is planning to change the fortune of Fiji football with his vision and projects which he brought from France.

“We will come back with a group of good football generation but for that, we need to build from the foundation, not from the roof.”

The French man believes Fiji had potential to improve their football standard in the country.

“Football standard can improve in future as I am working on that and we can produce very good players in future and we have a project in place and we need to have a seminar for coaches.

“I am an open-minded person and my desks are always open and anyone can come and see me if they want my help. I will do my best to help their teams and even some clubs have contacted me,” he said.

“We will work together and future planning is very important and we need to build better coaches who can go and help the teams. I want to move the process to schools to have their own academy because in future I will plan a way for the big clubs to have their academy for youths and develop them into the senior players.”

“It might take us a minimum of three years but in the next 10 years we will have a competitive team for youth and senior side.”

Gamel said he was finding it hard to get the players who can play technical football.

“I do not see why we need to stop kick and chase football because in some matches we need this kind of play but this is not my point of view.

“I have studied some games and for me the key is to keep possession and to go vertically and that is why I am changing players in the team.

“I want more technical players and to be honest it is very difficult to find. In future the youths will develop their own skills,” he said.

“There are good coaches out there. When there are problems in the organisation I will help them. I hope they will learn with a good mind and to apply what they are learning.

“We have to take a new step and I am transforming this and I need the support of everyone, including the association. Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel is a very good person and he understands what my plans are.

“The association also needs to show they are ready to make steps moving forward. They have been very supportive in terms of the drug testing. I have conducted a drug test already but I won’t be able to tell you more because I am making a drastic steps and when everything is ready I will be able to tell more.”

The Vodafone national football players have marched into camp at the Fiji FA Academy in Suva last week and break this weekend.

The national side host New Zealand in the first playoff at Churchill Park, Lautoka on March 25 while the return leg will be in New Zealand on March 28.

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