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Fiji Prepares For New Zealand With Difficulties

The Vodafone Fiji football side knows defeating New Zealand in the FIFA World Cup stage three qualifiers won’t be easy.

Coach Christophe Gamel says it is a near impossible task but his team will make the most of the opportunities they get.
“It’s not going to be tough it’s going to be near impossible to be honest but impossible is not always impossible. So the small chance we will have, we will take it.
I am trying to change the way but there are lot difficulties in getting them the way I want them to play.”
The Frenchman said the preparation is going well but it is difficult to get the right combination.
“Everything is going well but the unavailability of Ba and Rewa players who are taking part in the Champions League are making it difficult, “he said.
However he said he had to keep working with the players he had and would had only 15 days to prepare the team against All Whites.
He said the unavailability of Zibraaz Saheb and Malakai Tiwa have made his work more difficult now.
“All my hard work with them has gone to waste,”
Now he said he would have to work again in his midfield as he had lots of hope in them because they were more matured and experience.
Gamel said he had no other choice but to work on the players who are available for the country.
“What I do, I have no choice but to work with what I have at the moment, “he said.
He said he knew there would be lots of expectation from everyone but he knew playing with New Zealand will be tough.”
He was disappointed with unavailability of the ANZ Stadium for training.
“I have requested to train at the ANZ Stadium which is the perfect pitch but they are refusing to give,”
Fiji takes on New Zealand on the 25th of next month at Lautoka’s Churchill Park.
Meanwhile the team went through an Archery competition as part of team bonding before they break camp for a week.

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