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Fiji Football Joins End Violence Campaign

The eighth day of March is celebrated as International Women’s Day. And on this occasion, womanhood is rejoiced and the power of the feminine is acknowledged across the globe.

Fiji Football Association Just Play Programe was part of the celebration at different venues around the country.

Just Play Manager Lavenia Yalovi said it was great to be part of the celebration and showcase the women’s game and celebrate development through different football.

“Fiji Football has gone the extra mile to create opportunities in women’s football while using the worldwide celebration as a platform to promote the END violence campaign, a joint OFC and UNICEF initiative to raise awareness about violence against women and children,”Yalovi said.

Yalovi said it was good way to get the kids playing as well getting them awareness on the End Violence Campaign.

“It is good to see children enjoying the festival and also learning on their rights to say End to Violence against Children.”

She says Fiji FA’s philosophy itself speaks that “Unity and Equality Through Football to Build a Better Fiji” and it is a good to get everyone together and support the celebration.

“We have started the campaign and we will be running this for year, “she said.

Yalovi thanked everyone who supported in the success of the celebration.

“I must thank each and every one who supported is today (yesterday) in the campaign “End Violence Through Football.”

About more than 500 students from around the country participated in a day activities at different venues.

The following schools participated in the festival: West at Gujurati Grounds in Ba, Ba Special

  1. FSC Primary, 3. Tagore Primary, 4. Namosau Methodist

Nadi: Andrews Primary School     1.Nadi Muslim Primary School 2. Nadi Sangam Primary School, 3.Nadi Primary School, 4. Nadi Special School,5. Andrews Primary School

Albert Park in Suva: 1.Yat San Primary School 2.Deenbhandhoo Memorial Primary school, 3. Indira Gandhi Memorial School, 4. Suva Special School.

Rewa at  Vunimono Arya Primary school grounds:1. Vunimono Arya. 2. Vunimono Sanatan Primary school 3.Vunimono Islamic School, 4.Nausori Special School

Labasa  Subrail Park         1.Nasekula District 2.St Mary Primary 3.Gurunanak Primary 4.Bethel Primary

5.Holy Family Primary,6. Labasa Special

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