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Fiji Football Supports Futsal Development

Fiji Football Association always support the development of futsal in the country, says Fiji FA chief executive officer Bob Kumar.

Speaking while opening the week long FIFA/OFC Futsal Coaching Course at Fiji FA Headquarters in Vatuwaqa on Monday Kumar said Fiji FA wanted to see the game of futsal grew in the country.

“We are very thankful to our FIFA Instructor Paul Toohey for accepting our invitation at the last minute to come and instruct this week long programme, “Kumar said.

Kumar said Paul is always ready to help Fiji FA in the development of futsal and thanked him for his presence on behalf Fiji FA president and Board.

“I welcome Paul and all the participants on behalf of our president Rajesh Patel and its Board members.”

He said the week long course had been long planned and we were looking for around 25 participants but we have about 20. “It is not that bad.”

He said knowing at this time of the year the working people would not get leave on time and it was very difficult at the end of the year to get people off from work but thanked all the passionate people who had taken their time to attend the course.

Kumar said those who were here, were there to learn futsal activities and coaching and to go back and develop futsal in their districts.

“I am sure you all will use the knowledge you gain from here and utilise in your club or district,”

He adds it is very important that when they go back, they have gained some knowledge.

“We all want to make a headway in futsal and that is why we organise such courses.

Mr Kumar said they were all aspiring to develop futsal. “We all want to see futsal reaches on top and Fiji plays in the FIFA Futsal World Cup.”

He said Futsal was easy to play and could be played anywhere at any time.

“As you all know futsal can be played anywhere at any time and it should not be a problem for you all to guide your teams and to achieve this you need to have a will to do it.”

Kumar said it was no use coming here for a week-long programe and grabbing all the goodies such clothes and shoes and relaxing.

“We have seen often people just come on sake of grabbing stuffs here and they do not do anything after that but now we will keep a data on who attends the course and their performance will be monitored.”

Meanhwile former Rewa and Labasa striker Sanaila Bera who is also attending the course said he has no knowledge in futsal but was eager to learn and help develop in futsal in the north.

“Iam here with zero knowledge in futsal as I have been an eleven-a-side player but I want to learn about futsal coaching so I could do some development work in Labasa,”said Bera.

The former striker said Labasa had very potential futsal players and if proper coaching and guidance given they could develop some classic players from the north like Roy Krishna.

The week long course started on Monday and will end this Friday.futsal-2

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