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All Lies, says Patel

Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel has condemned the article posted on social media concerning his resignation.#Patel said there is a group of people who are behind this senseless doings.#He assured football fans in the country that the districts have supported him to be their leader and he promises to be there for them.#“Whatever is posted on social media are just lies and I know the districts which voted me as I’m still loyal to them and they all support me,” he said.#“I have no intention of resigning as stated on social media. Let the dogs bark. I know what to do and whatever is happening behind my back will not take football ahead.#“I don’t have any pressure from my family to pull out as they are also supportive towards my achievements.”#Patel said under his leadership Fiji FA has achieved a lot. #“For the first time ever our Under-20 boys participated in the FIFA U20 World Cup and the whole world has seen our success in that historic participation.#“Then again our U23 side qualified for next year’s Rio Olympics for the first time ever.”#He said Fiji FA is heading towards the right direction and that is why districts have voted for them.#He stated it is the outsiders who want to run Fiji FA but it cannot happen as they have to follow set procedures and also meet the minimum requirements.#“We are aware that these few people are trying to bring disrepute to football in the country. These failed people are trying to use social media to gain their support.”#

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