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FIFA MA Refereeing Course gets underway

“I want to be exhausted when I leave here from all of your questions, presentations and participation,” Hester told the 24 Fiji FA referees, assistant referees and seven instructors.# #“We have a lot to get through in our three days which is why we starting early and finishing late,” he continued.# #“Your participation is the key and this is your environment to make mistakes, this is the environment to really push yourself right beyond the limit. Don’t be safe in here.# #“This is the time to make mistakes and correct them so that when we get into our office – which is out there on the field during the matches – we can perform well and ensure the games are safe and fair.”# #Hester thanked the participants for showing their commitment to development, and Fiji FA for hosting the course.# #“We have this course every year for you referees so that you can maintain or continue to improve yourself as a referee or assistant referee,” said Fiji FA CEO Bob Kumar, while officially opening the course on behalf of the president, Rajesh Patel.# #“You are here for a purpose and the purpose is to upgrade your skills, upgrade your performances and your knowledge,” he said.# #“We know referees play a very important role in any event, any tournament and any match and to go further, it can be said that referees either make it or break it. But we know as humans you try and perform well and do your utmost best.# #“To be a good referee you have to be serious about your training, serious about your fitness and your knowledge and experience.# #“So make the best of your time and broaden your knowledge and when you go out from here you go out little better qualified than what you came in, “said Kumar.# #The three-day course is composed of three elements; technical sessions, practical sessions and testing.# #They will be tested based on the FIFA Laws of the Game, match analysis tests, the off-side rule and fitness.# #Hester introduced the participants to the course objectives:# #• To assist referee education at Member Association level# #• To increase the quality of the referees# #• To get uniformity in the interpretation and application of the Laws of the Games# #• To share experience and update information

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