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It’s a quadruple victory, Patel

Patel said I am pleased to stand once again here for so many years to witness the Courts IDC trophy coming to Ba.#Ba’s record of victories in the local tournaments would not be surpassed in a long time, the team and management faced a lot of criticism for not winning.#”Lots have been said and lots have been criticized about Ba but patience is a virtue,” Patel said.#”It is a quadruple victory for Ba. First is the 2015 Courts IDC win, second Zaira Begg for winning the Miss Fiji Pageant, third the Ba under-12 side for winning the Bongo Fiji Primary School Inter District Primary Championship and one that everyone forgot, I won the Fiji FA presidency for another term.#”Football is a great uniter in any nation and we as custodians of football in the country like to see people enjoy when their teams do well. The main thing can be said on the field and when you win and come back, and then the people will applaud you.”#Patel said in sports everyone strives to win and football is no different and Ba has created history over the years which no other district can match in years to come in Fiji.#Patel also congratulated Miss Ba Zaira Begg for winning the Miss Fiji Pageant.#“As they always say beauty is in the eyes of the holder but no the beauty is in Ba and thank you Miss Begg for winning the Miss Fiji Pageant.”#People in Fiji love to hate Ba and hate to love Ba.”#

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