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Roy out of Inkk Mobile BOG

Krishna is currently playing winter league for the Waitakere City side in New Zealand with whom he has signed a mid-season contract with.#Labasa Football Association was interested to include the lethal striker in their squad for the second major tournament of the season.#“When Roy had finished playing O League for Waitakere United he then signed mid -season with two other Waitakere United players for Waitakere City Football Club,” Rex Dawkins the Waitakere City Football Club manager said.#“Unfortunately if Roy transfers to Labasa he will not be able to transfer back to Waitakere City and play in the domestic competitions for the remainder of the season,” he further added.#Waitakere City has reached the semi-finals of the Chatham Cup, a trophy that is prized by every club in New Zealand.#With Roy being available, Dawkins believes this will give them a great chance of obtaining success again after last winning the prestigious trophy nearly two decades ago.#The Waitakere City Football Club manager confirms that Krishna will travel to Fiji next month.#“Roy will travel to Fiji on August the 26th and spend time with his family in Labasa and on his way back to NZ will hold school coaching clinics sponsored by V&B (Vuksich and Borich Ltd) in Nadi and possibly Lautoka on September 9th and 10th,” Dawkins said.# Fiji FA Media

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