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Fiji FA clarifies Lautoka FA Issue

Bob Kumar, the Fiji Football Association chief executive officer said the Lautoka FA officials were only removed when they failed to follow a directive from Fiji FA after their president Shalendra Prasad had resigned.
“Lautoka FA officials were removed because they did not follow a Fiji FA directive and instead appointed an acting president while an investigation was still going on. The investigation was based on the complaints by two clubs and the Lautoka FA officials were not cooperating with the investigation and had differences,” Kumar said.
“In the end only four officials were left and the Fiji FA board of control had to remove the officials and appoint an administrator.”
Kumar also stated that the investigation on Lautoka FA was still in process.
Fiji FA has appointed Sanjay Prasad as the administrator of the Lautoka Football Association till the investigation is completed and a congress called.

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