Soccer Sisters

Football Federation Samoa (“FFS”) kicked off its activities for 2014 by resuming the soccer sister’s festival for all females of Samoa.
The main objectives of this event is to bring all females together to have fun, exercise and participate in healthy, social environment through football.
Soccer Sisters is not new to Samoa. It is a program that was designed to develop and increase the participation of Women in Football. An annual activity that runs ten times a year.
The idea is supported by the FIFA’s Women’s Football development Programme that was launched in 2012 to assist its member associations with the development and growth of Women’s Football. From this initiative, financial support and equipment provided by FIFA has helped FFS with the development of women’s football.
FFS CEO Sarai Bareman is pleased with the success of Soccer Sisters, “The Soccer Sisters Festivals have allowed us to increase the participation of women and girls in football and the result has been the development of a girls youth league which is about to kick of its second season.
We will continue to run the festivals, for the benefit of football, but also for the girls and women in Samoa”
Soccer Sisters participant Elizabeth Pula stated in an interview with FFS Media “I love soccer and that’s why I never miss out any of the soccer sister’s festival. I am looking forward of more festivals throughout the year”
Prizes and giveaways, healthy snacks and refreshments were given out at the conclusion of the festival.