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Rabo miss game, wishes team well

The stylish midfielder said it was unfortunate he could not be with the team.
“The boys have a big task ahead of them and I think it’s not about me but it’s all about the team and I hope they will fly the Fiji flag high.”
Rabo said his best wishes were not only for the Suva team but also to Nadi that they perform their best and one of the team qualifies for the semi-final.
“So we can nominate two teams again next year,” said the former national rep.
He said Suva has a lot of capable players in the squad to replace him.
“I know we have a lot of quality players in the squad and I urge fans in New Zealand and Fiji to keep supporting them.
“The Champions League is not easy as all the clubs will come prepared and there is always lot of competitions,” he said.
“There will be some professional players playing and every club has the aim of playing in the FIFA Club World Cup that is why it is so competitive.”
The former Rewa rep said he wished the boys all the best for their first match against Team Wellington.
“I know they are well prepared and morale is high in the camp as the boys know the big job ahead of them.
“My message to the boys’ is to play with your heart and give 100 per cent in every match and think you are caring Fiji Flag.
Suva plays its first match on Saturday against Team Wellington at 1pm New Zealand time.

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