Nadi 4-3 Kiwi FC

FULL TIME: Kiwi FC 3-4 Nadi FA
90’+9′ YELLOW CARD Mike SAOFAIGA is cautioned
90’+8’GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 3-4 Nadi FA Anish KHEM gets his fourth and Nadi has managed to pull ahead for the first time in teh match
90’+7’RED CARD Napolioni QASEVAKATINI is sent to the changing rooms leaving each side with just eight players
90’+6′ GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 3-3 Nadi FA A hat-trick for Anish KHEM as he sends a low drive home
90’+4′ MOSEQARA is released off a swift free kick and Kiwi win a throw high up in Kiwi’s half
90’+2″ QASEVAKATINI has a go but his effort goes wide
90’+2′ Nadi pressing for an equaliser to keep their 2016 OFC Champions League campaign alive but they’re struggling
90′ Seven minutes additional time
89’RED CARD Lawrie LETUTUSA recieves a second caution and has to leave the pitch
87′ GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 3-2 Nadi FA Anish KHEM goes around MATAGI and nets another goal for Nadi
85′ Captain RAVOSAI steps into the breach in goal for Nadi
YELLOW CARD Tomas MOSQUERA is also cautioned for his part in that
RED CARD Dual sending off once again as Vereti DICKSON and Lionel TAYLOR take early leave
81′ An on-pitch melee has broken out and it’s a tough one for referee TIME to break up
79′ Nadi make two low efforts that are both blocked before sending a final shot over the target
78′ YELLOW CARD Lawrie LETUTUSA is cautioned for Kiwi
76′ RAVOSAI leaps high and ends up conceding a corner as he tries to head clear
74′ Nadi really trying hard to play past Kiwi but the Samoans are being well directed by their skipper LEWIS
73′ Kiwi had a great opportunity just ahead of the sub but DICKSON did well to deflect then see the ball out
73′ SUB NAD Luke RAWADAMU is replaced by Mataiasi TOMA
72′ Strong passing game through the backline and midfield from Nadi however their final passes and finishing really letting them down
71′ Whipped at goal but floats just over the byline for a goal kick
71′ RAWADAMU with an interesting challenge on GOSCHE sees Kiwi win a free kick
70′ Scary stuff at the back from Nadi as SAOFAIGA comes very close to adding a fourth
69′ SUB KIW Luki GOSCHE replaces the injured Lapalapa TONI
67′ It’s Lapalapa TONI who has gone down and he will likely be replaced
66′ A Kiwi player has gone down with what looks like cramp
65′ KHEM through with just MATAGI to beat but he sends his header around the post
64′ Kiwi go for goal with their free kick but it’s punched clear by an advancing DICKSON
63′ YELLOW CARD A caution for Vuniuci TIKOMAIMEREKE after a late challenge brings down SOAFAIGA
63′ MOSQUERA goes 1v1 with DICKSON but hits his effort straight at the keeper
62′ Low and wide doesn’t trouble DICKSON
61′ A foul on TAYLOR sees MOSQUERA lining up a free kick 15m off the top of the box
61′ Handball by VALENTINE and possession once again handed to Kiwi
59′ Lionel TAYLOR is open just off the top of the area and has plenty of time to shoot but sends over the cross bar
58′ Timely intercept from RAWADAMU as Kiwi try to play MOSQUERA through
57′ SUB KIW: Silao MALO is replaced by Lawrie LETUTUSA
57′ Diving save from MATAGI who takes a long time to then release up the field
55′ YELLOW CARD Lapalapa TONI is cautioned for Kiwi and Nadi have a free kick
54′ SAOFAIGA makes a great run up the right but his cross is poor allowing Nadi to intercept
53′ Nadi with a sustained period of possession for this match as they try and pass around Kiwi, but with their opponents throwing everyone back in front of their own goal it’s hard to penetrate
51′ SALE gets on the end of the corner from MALO but it’s booted away from goal by RAWADAMU who is waiting on the goal line
50′ YELLOW CARD Munit KRISHA is cautioned for Nadi after a challenge on LEWIS
49′ Referee George TIME awards a free kick to Kiwi much to the dismay of QASEVAKATINI and Luke RAWADAMU
47′ Eliki RAVOSAI races back to clear as MOSQERA and SAOFAIGA apply pressure
46′ The second half is underway with Nadi attacking the Kiwi goal early
HALF TIME: Kiwi FC 3-1 Nadi FA
45’+3 YELLOW CARD Barry LEWIS is cautioned for a clumsy tackle
45′ +2 SCANLAN has a pot from the right but his effort is too heavy
45′ +2 NASOVA fouls SALE just inside Kiwi’s half, LEWIS sends long
45′ Four minutes additional time
44′ RED CARD Waisake TABUCAVA is sent off for his part in the same incident
44′ RED CARD Desmond FAAIUASO has been given his marching orders
42′ VALENTINE’s free kick is sent straight to the hands of MATAGI
41′ YELLOW CARD Michael BURETA is cautioned for bringing down QASEVAKATINI just outside the box
39′ KRISHNA attempts a shot and gets past MATAGI but goes wide
36′ SUB NAD Lekima GONERAU is replaced by Waisake TABUCAVA
35′ QASEVAKATINI takes a shot but it goes wide
34′ GONERAU and Jarrell SALE take a tumble with the Samoan earning the free kick
32′ Free kick is given to Kiwi after a tackle from behind
30′ FAAIUASO with an excellent cross finds MOSQUERA at the far post but the ball bounces under his extended legs
30′ Evander NASOVA heads goalwards but flag has already been raised
28′ KHEM goes direct with his free kick but sends it just over the cross bar
27′ FAAIUASO tries to move forward with the ball but is forced to play back after encountering a wall of green shirts
25′ Silao MALO clears long and its well brought down by FAAIUASO
24′ YELLOW CARD Napolioni QASEVAKATINI is cautioned
23′ GONERAU plays back to his keeper but its a terrible pass, and only puts Nadi under more pressure as Desmond FAAIUASO nips forward to intercept
21′ GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 3-1 Nadi FA Mike SAOFAIGA sends the ball past DICKSON
20′ MATAGI punches clear a curling corner kick
19′ LEWIS gets a foot to the shot from VALENTINE to send it around the goal
17′ Poor clearance from Barry LEWIS and MATAGI forced to punch clear the ball curling back towards his goal
16′ Half volley from Munit KRISHNA is blocked at the top of the box by SCANLAN
14′ Through ball is sent to GONERAU but is intercepted by MATAGI
12′ Cross sent in by Nadi but is caught by MATAGI
10′ GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 2-1 Nadi FA Paulo SCANLAN goes 1v1 with DICKSON beating the keeper to return the lead to Kiwi
9′ Mike SAOFAIGA tries to go around GONERAU who wins and sends long
8′ GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 1-1 Nadi FA Anish KHEM scores after a free kick is pulled back to where he is waiting in the penalty box
7′ Nadi is trying to go long but Kiwi is just getting in to collect the ball first
6′ Lekima GONERAU whips the ball off the foot of Tomas MOSQUERA
2′ GOAL!!! Kiwi FC 1-0 Nadi FA Mike SAOFAIGA sends it past Vereti DICKSON and into the net
1′ Free kick is awarded to Nadi, VALENTINE sends it in but is bloked by Faalavelave MATAGI
1′ Kick off, Nadi kicks off with an early shot on goal

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