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Technology will have an important role

A total of 36 participants from Fiji and each of the OFC member associations took part in the course which was coordinated by the manager for the FIFA Referee Assistance Programme (RAP) Fernando Tresaco along with FIFA instructors Steve Bennett, Ganesan Maniam, Mark Hester and assistant FIFA development officer Lyn Shirley.

With the goal of continually improving the standard of referees, the focus of the week long course was to equip the instructors who develop those referees with the appropriate skills with new technologies expected to play a crucial role in that development.

“One of the features of the FIFA FUTURO programme is that we are teaching the instructors who will then have to teach referees in their associations. This course is not only for the future benefit of referees but for administrations as well,” Tresaco said.
“There are many objectives in the curriculum of a course like this and in order to improve the level of referees we need to continue to build and improve the teaching materials. One way we are doing that is through the use of new technologies and helping referees instructors introduce these technologies into the training activities is the main aim of this course.

“Every year FIFA produces new teaching materials using video clips from the men’s, women’s, under-17 or under-20 competitions. We have introduced an online video database this year where the instructors have to log in and can either select the clip to play online or download them in order to prepare a specific presentation about a desired topic. Handball, simulation, etc.,” he said.

“We are also introducing new teaching methods which involve more practical activities around five topics: severity of fouls, tactical fouls, handball, advantage and positioning.”

Fiji Football Association referees director Paresh Kishore says the week long course was a positive one for the region’s referees.

“This is a very high profile course and undoubtedly a beneficial one indeed for all the referees to gauge their performance on the field and through which they will improve in every aspect of officiating the matches,” Kishore said.

“Online video testing has also been introduced where the referees can have their own online project database.”

Kishore says the response from participants was very positive and he believes everything they learnt will be of benefit when applied in their home countries.
“My fellow participants are very talkative of the course and they are giving a positive response to the course and this very important resource in terms of development in the country.” Kishore ended.
The FIFA FUTURO III was officially opened on Sunday 9 June by Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel and wrapped up on Saturday, 15 June.

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