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Workshop for district officials

Referees director Paresh Kishore revealed to this newspaper on the final day of the Vodafone Fiji FACT.
“We will be informing the districts on our availability and conduct the workshop in which we will be addressing the changes in the rules of refereeing by the world football governing body FIFA. We will also go through Hot Topics and match analysis. This will be conducted before the second tournament of the year Battle of the Giants,” Kishore said.
There were lot of issues regarding the decisions taken by the Fiji FA referees during the recent Vodafone Fiji FACT by the district officials.
“We have received lot of complains about the referees officiating in this year’s Fiji FACT during first round but one thing I must make it clear is that all the decisions which were made were correct . The workshop will be based on the 17 laws of the refereeing and there will be also video test which is also part of the workshop,”
Few districts have already shown the interest to be part of the workshop and Kishore hopes more districts would do the same in the coming days.
“We have received positive response from few of the districts in the Western division and we hope more would join hand and be part of the workshop which would put an end to all the fuss and arguments after any match.” he added.
Kishore who was a Head teacher before also stated that district officials, teams and fans should be aware of the laws of the game.
“Team officials, players and the fans should understand the changes in the laws of refereeing before pointing fingers to my referees who are going according to the law book.” he said.
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