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Team Boosted With Recreational Items

The Vodafone National Football side has been boosted with recreational items from the major sponsors Vodafone Fiji as they are in camp preparing for the Indonesia tour.

Vodafone donated Fiji Football Association Ba Academy a brand new billiard table, a set of Play Station 4 including two controllers and a LCD screen.

National head coach Christophe Gamel heartily thanked Vodafone for this initiative.

“I really thank Vodafone for this gift and it is of a great benefit.

“It is not linked with results. It is really good for recreation time, good to relax our mind when under pressure,” he said.

Gamel said the recreational items are of a great benefit which will strengthen the team bonding while the boys are in camp.

He said they have to put everything in a good way.

“First is work, that is hard work, and when we have free time it’s important for the players to enjoy just to create team building.

“They can also express themselves outside of the field. This is a good link as we have to be in the modern way.

“Before there was nothing, and if you are only together doing nothing, it really gets difficult.”

Ba Academy general manager Rajendra Kant Sharma also echoed similar sentiments.

“We are trying to create a recreation center for the teams when they are in camp and they can use these facilities here at the Academy.

“We are really grateful to Vodafone and I have seen the boys enjoy and spend their time creatively at the Academy.”

Meanwhile two new overseas based inclusions in the squad are the Manukau boys Shravan Sharma and goalkeeper Krith Kumar.

Shravan said he really felt welcomed as all the boys were making sure that he felt part of the team.

“My experience with the Fiji team is going well as most of the boys are new to the camp but I feel really welcomed.

“The coach has got his expectations and I have to make sure that it is my expectations and I have to meet what he wants,” Sharma said.

He said the major challenge for him in Fiji was the heat factor.

“The major challenge for me here is the heat and I have to make sure that I adapt to it because our coach has already told us that Indonesia will be a lot hotter.

“The combinations are going really well and I’m really looking forward to being in the team.”

Head coach Christophe Gamel said Shravan was doing well in the team however Krith needs more improvement.

“Shravan is going well with the team but we need to see him in the competition as competition is the reality.

“Krith is doing well but he needs to improve more and I will have to discuss with my goalkeeper coach regarding him.”

Gamel is disappointed after not getting his full squad in camp but he said will continue working with whatever he got.

“I will do with what I have given this short time.

“They are young to have a background as we will face a very good team.”

The team departs for Indonesia on August 29 to play international friendly against the Indonesia National Team on September 2. They will then play Persiga, a top League team in Jakarta on September 4.

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