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New Players Registration Rule In Place

The new registration for new players will now be done any time during football season says Fiji Football Association IT Manager Rohitesh Narayan.

Narayan said players who were not registered and were new could be registered at any time during football season.

“Now new players will be registers at any time during the season. Before the registration was done only during transfer window time, “Narayan said.

He said the Fiji FA had put on a new registration form for all Primary School Soccer Association, Secondary School Soccer Association, Clubs and Districts.

“The old form will no longer be accepted,” added Narayan

“Forms can be requested from respective district associations or from Fiji Football Association via email  and incomplete forms will automatically be rejected.”

.Registrations can be send via email on only by the player for communication purposes.

Narayan said the new charges would also apply in the changes.

“The club new registration fee will be $15, registration for secondary schools will be $7, for Primary Schools new registration will be $3.50 while Women’s registration fee is $10.

Narayan concluded that only player transfer would be done during transfer window.

The next transfer window opens next month.

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