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Players Urge To Honour Coach

Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel urged the Vodafone national team players while naming them last Saturday for the Indonesia tour to honor what the coaches’ expectation.

“I know when we bring you in a squad and everything it becomes very difficult for the coaches to select the best, but he selects on the merit and the players who will be named please make sure honor what the coaches expect too, “Patel said.

He adviced those players who were dropped from the team not to be disheartened.

“Our national coach Christope Gamel has always kept the door open for any player if he see his talent throughout the year and he brings him into the national camp.”

Patel said the next selection would be done during Courts Inter District Championship.

“The next selection will be done during the Courts IDC because that’s when we prepare to play Estonia team, “Patel said.

‘This is the next level of Fiji Football now, we are not only playing with Pacific Island teams but Asia and Europe, “he said.

Patel said the players would have to take the notch up and support the coach.

“We all know Gamel is a very straight and strict man and he got a challenge and he has to maintain that challenge and he has taken the challenge to take the minnows from now where to the world and we have to support him too.

Patel said as always he said as you leave the shores you are the ambassadors of the country, not only football but as a proud Fijian.

“So when you do go somewhere especially to Indonesia please stay discipline because it is a very strict country,” warned Patel.

Patel reminded the players it would be a great opportunity to showcase your skills.

“This will give clubs in Asia to look at you and see if you get a contract overseas, we don’t want you just playing here we want to take you to the next level up,”Patel said.

“There are good opportunities, you are such talented players, and you can take the opportunity and start proving yourself that you belong a club overseas.”

Patel reminded the players that disciple was key.

“You know we will not hesitate to suspend and discipline you, we have done it in the past, we still doing it and we will not hesitate it doing in future.”

He said we were going there to beat Indonesia and was confident the team would make everyone proud.

“This is a chance for you to prove that Fiji is no slouch and you can’t just walk over them. You have got a pride for yourself, you have got a pride for your family, and you have got the pride for the country. Make Fiji proud and bring back the glory, “Patel urged.

He wished the team all best on their tour.

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