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Indonesia Tour To Test Our Team: Gamel

Vodafone Fiji national coach Christophe Gamel says the Indonesia tour is to test where our team stands at international level.

“We want to play a better team and see where we stand at international level. We need to know where we are and to learn.

“No matter who we play, play with the spirit and philosophy of the nation,”Gamel said.

He also urged the players to focus for the national team and represent the country with pride.

“We want you to focus in the national team, first family and second nation, “he said.

Gamel said he faced a lot of difficulties in getting the players for the camp because they wanted to play for their clubs.

“I had lots of difficulties in this camp but I will not have second chance,’Gamel said.

The Frenchman said they were trying to give the players an exposure for their future.

“This is for you and your family and it’s not the districts that is helping you this way. You are pressured by the district or clubs and this we can’t accept it.

“We are going overseas to prove that we can face anyone but we need step for that like first we were in Oceania, we going Asia and then Middle East and Europe and you are part of this project.”Gamel said.

He said there was no big names in the team but there was some senior players with young ones and was confident they would do the job and would take the responsibility.

“No matter what you have the responsibility on the field, facing more than thirty thousand people plus a very good team.’

Gamel said he had explained the players that why they decided to go and play in Indonesia.

The team arrived in Indonesia yesterday and plays Indonesia national team on Saturday at 4pm in Jakarta.

Meanwhile Fiji FA chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf says players who do not have pride for the country will be taken to task.

“We will taking disciplinary actions against some of the players who failed to turn up in camp for the Indonesian tour without any reasons,” Yusuf said.

“Yes, we have already taken up action on the players who have not shown up this time around, we have suspended them from all levels of football.”

Yusuf said they have been notified and would be appearing in front of the disciplinary committee.

“They have to appear in front of the disciplinary committee to show course why they didn’t turn up for the national team camp. And the disciplinary committee will take action and whatever action the committee dishes out, that’s what they will have to follow.”

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