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Patel happy with support

Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel has applauded Courts Fiji Limited for its support in the development of football in the country after the company extended its sponsorship for Courts Inter District Championship for another five years.

“Yes indeed the time of the year that everyone’s waiting for. We used to know it IDC but it’s no longer known as IDC its known as Courts IDC you can never say IDC on its own because its known as Courts IDC and everyone calls it Courts IDC and this only be possible with the sponsorship that Courts has provided with the last 19th years and will continue to provide for another 5 years and this is really a great news for Fiji football and the soccer loving fans in Fiji in general, “Patel said.

Patel said without sponsors Fiji football could not survive.

“We have got lots of visions and without this partnership we cannot fulfil our visions and the aim of making the best football playing nations in the Oceania region. Our aim is to also qualify for the 2026 world cup and this only helps us to get there and thank you very much Courts and again the team for making sure this partnership continues,”

Patel said there was huge demand already for the tickets of the Courts IDC.

“It is good news we have already sold five VIP tickets already without the pool draws and people from overseas are buying. This is something that we know the fans will enjoy the game it’s at ANZ Stadium starting on the 5th of October and ending on the 10th October which is the independence day and it’s a public holiday which is if we look into it gives a great weekend for soccer loving fans to enjoy and come out and support their district and I know everyone is thinking that who is going to win and who is not as in Vodafone premier league is heating up for the first and the second place and there is 3 or 4 teams still in the competition and if we look into it so everybody will be hearing for their teams and they have already started making plans for it and once again this cannot be possible without the teams sponsors of course.”

Patel confirmed that huge prize money was on stake for the winning team at the Courts IDC
“The winner will get $20,000, the runner up will get $5500 and the 2 semi-finalist $1000 each. In the senior division the winner gets $7000 the runner up $2000 and the two finalist $250 each, “said Patel

“It is only possible when we have the big sponsor package and if you know the expense that it takes for the teams to bring from all over Fiji to come and play for Courts IDC,”said Patel

“But at the end of the day we make sure that the prize money is important for the teams to fight for.”

Patel said they had signed an agreement for the next five years and was well secured.

“We know that Courts is in a partnership with Fiji Football Association and we will look further onwards as we grow along. Courts will be here to stay, Vision Group will be here to stay and part of the Fiji football is here to stay whether I am there or not it will still continue and people will keep on enjoying football in the country, “said Patel.

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