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IDC Sponsor stays on

Courts Fiji Limited has extended its sponsorship for the Inter District Championship for another five years.

This was revealed during the 2018 Courts IDC pool draws last Thursday at Courts Rodwell Road shop.

Courts chief executive officer PL Munasinghe said they would continue sponsor the courts IDC for 5 years.

“As lot of you know the courts IDCc tournament is one of the oldest in the country it started in 1938 much before a lot of us in this room were actually born. This year is particular significant we will be celebrating its 80th anniversary and courts started sponsoring since 1999 and this year will be the 19th year of courts partnership and we will now go on until 1922,”said Munasinghe.

“The Courts IDC as you know is a very special tournament it is the most popular and the largest tournament in the Fiji FA calendar and I don’t have to say but the fans really look forward to this tournament.”

“There is something special about this tournament you know it’s like this carnival and festival kind of atmosphere and you’re going to feel this electric atmosphere in ground and that of course doesn’t happen by accident I must thank our marketing team who very brilliantly have worked very hard to make that atmosphere you know decorate the ground put up the flags and so and so.”

“So our aim of this sponsorship that are several one is of course we always say courts is a people’s company and soccer is a peoples sports so it’s actually a natural fit that we do this partnership also its quite evident now that the words Courts and IDC has become synonymous you can’t talk of one without the other you know its bound together as courts IDC.”

Munasinghe said their aim was to help Fiji Football gets it’s ranking up at FIFA World rankings.

“Also by this large sponsorship the way this sponsorship goes and the idea is hopefully this will go in some way in alleviating the standards of soccer in the country and that is finally the aim is to get Fiji’s ranking up in the international ranks and also to make sure that we showcase to the public top class soccer in the country,”

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