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Puaikura FC 0-1 Ba FC

Ba has registered its first win in the OFC Champions League after they beat Cook Islands champions Puaikura FC 1-0 this evening at Stade Yoshida. The win has pushed Ba in contention for the semi- final after a draw against Heinghene Sport in Group B encounter.


Coming up at Stade Yoshida at 6pm, Cook Islands champions Puaikura FC will take on Ba FC of Fiji in the opener of match day two in Koné, New Caledonia is pleased to be bringing you live text updates of this encounter, please refresh your browser for the latest.

You can also follow the match via the official OFC Champions League account.  #OFCCL #PUABA

Puaikura FC: [COK] 1. Liam LITTLE (GK), 4. Pekay EDWARDS,  7. Samuel MAOATE-COX, 8. Grover HARMON (C), 9. Tyrell BARRINGER-TAHIRI, 10. Jeremias PEREZ,  12. Harlem SIMIONA, 13. Andre ESTAY, 14. Ishak MOHAMMED,  16. Hone FOWLER, 17. Paul DAY
Substitutions: 3. Anthony SAMUELA, 5. Paul POILA,  6. Kimiora SAMUELA, 11. Dwayne TIPUTOA, 15. Junior MATANGI, 18. Conroy TIPUTOA.

Coach: Kevin FALLON (NZL)

Ba FC: [FIJ]  20. Josaia RATU (GK), 2. Avinesh SUWAMY (C), 3. Meli CODRO, 4. Manasa NAWAKULA,  7. Samuela NABENIA,  9. Abbu Zahid SHAHEED,  11. Praneel NAIDU, 12. Remueru TEKIATE,  14. Josefata NEIBULI, 15. Saula WAQA,  17. Narendra RAO,
Substitutions: 1. Shaneel NAIDU (GK), 5. Ronil KUMAR,  6. Suliano TAWANAKORO, 8. Patrick RALULU, 10. Mavileko NAKAMA, 16. Malakai TIWA, 18. Laisenia NAIOKO, 19. Jonetani NEWA77′ CODRO takes a shot at goal but his attempt is off target


90’+4 Ba is keeping possession

90’+2 NAIOKO tries to get his way in the box but is disrupted by MOHAMMED

90′ Five minutes additional time added

89′ SUB PUA | Anthony Samuela comes on for Andre ESTAY 

89′ SUB BA | WAQA is taken off and Mavileko NAKAMA gets his chance to show

86′ Another Puaikura is down injured, needs treatment

85′ Ba is picking up the tempo as Meli CODRO drives the ball down the line. But his efforts are timed as MOHAMMED quickly disrupts any further penetration into the box.

84′ WAQA is back in the field

83′ WAQA is stretchered off the field

81′ GOAL!!!! PUA 0-1 BA | WAQA finds the after receiving a through pass from RAO and h sends the ball pass LITTLE to put BA into lead

80′ Jeremias PEREZ is down injured, is attended by medics and taken off the field

79′ NAIOKO takes a deep shot at goal but is easily read by LITTLE

78′ The match resumes with a goalkick ti Puaikura


76′ Harlem SIMIONA is down injured and needs attention outside the field

72′ SUB PUA |EDWARDS is replaced by Dwayne TIPUTOA

70′ SUB BA | Nabenia is replaced by Laisenia NAIOKO

69′ NAIDU looks for a through pass to WAQA but he is too slow in getting the ball and HARMON clears it

66′ HARMON takes a shot free kick to PEREZ but he fails to utilise

65′ NAWAKULA fouls MOHAMMED just dew meters from the box

64′ ZAIDS runs for the ball bit is caught offside

63′ ZAID had an opportunity but his shot is blocked by LITTLE

61′ BA is trying hard to get the goal but ZAID and WAQA are not getting the target

59′ SUB PUA | Samuel Maoate-Cox is replaced by Kimiora SAMUELA

59′ EDWARD’s had a chance but he was to slow to turn and shoot the target

58′ BA gets a corner kick taken by SWAMy and headed away by MAOATE-COX

56′ SWAMY takes a powerful drive at goal but a PUAIKURA defender slips and saves the day

55′ EDWARDS walks his way into the box but his shots is cleared away by NEIBULI

52′ Ba controls possession looks for an opener but the Puaikura defense are to stubborm

50′ CODRO dances his way in the box but his shot goes out play for a goal kick

49′ NABENIA tussles with the Puaikura defense in the box but unable to get away

48′ SIMIONA has the ball in control and takes a low shot but RATU makes a dive to save it

47′ Puaikura gets first corner in the second half and is cleared by Ba defense

46′ The second half gets underway


45’+5 NABENIA takes a shot at  goal just outside from the box but he ha

45′+3  WAQA collides with LITTLE in front of the box and receives caution but not enough for another card.

45+1′ YELLOW CARD  BA| Saula WAQA is cautioned for pushing. MOHAMMED takes the kick and it lands in front of EDWARDS who tries his luck with a nippy bicycle kick but is off target.

45′ Five minutes additional time added

44′ NAWAKULA fouls Harlem SIMIONA and Puaikura wins  a free kick

43′ WAQA tries to sneak into box through two defenders and collides with the last man down

42′ RAO floats a deep kick into the box and cleared away by the Puaikura defense

4o’ CODRO is down injured but he gets and goes into play

39′ Free kick to Ba and taken by Naibuli to Takiat who pumps it high to WAQA

37′ NAIDU gets away from a Puaikura and gives a long pass to WAQA in the box and he has only goalkeeper to beat but his shot has no target hits the goalkeeper  and cleared by the defense

36′ NABENIA walks near the penalty box but blocked by Puaikura defense and he fouls a defender

35′ Puaikura have possession but not quite making it over the half-way line

32′ The games resumes aftee the break


29′ Ba seriously looking for a goal but the Puaikura defense in not letting any chance

28′ EDWARDS is down and this time SIMIONA takes the kick but it lands in front of Remueru TEKIATE who looks to SUWAMY

26′ FOWLER keeps it tight in the back and prevents Ba’s WAQA from progressing

24′ ESTAY is down Ishak MOHHAMED takes the kick but its headed into a Ba wall

23′ Andre ESTAY and Narend RAO are contesting in the middle but looks in favor of Ba who takes control

21′ Ba is penetrating but FOWLER sends them right into an offside trap

19′ WAQA sends a cross in the box to ZAHID who flies in for a header but misses

16′ An injured EDWARDS does his best to break through but the lack of support eases pressure on NEIBULI who looks to clear out wide

12′ Ba keeps pressure but the Puaikura defense are too strong

9′ Pekay EDWARDS is down injured, call fortreatment and is up to go again

8′ TIWA had a chance to put Ba into lead but his header sails over the cross bar

6′ Abbu Zaid is fouled and Ba gets a free kick in the Puaikura territory

5′ Harlem SIMIONA crosses in to Pekay EDWARDS but he loses ball up in the air to NAWAKULA

4′ Meli CODro gives a room for Waqa but he is caught offside

3′ Melo Codro walks his way from the left flank but his shot goes away from the goal mouth

2’Ba keeps pressure  on Puiakura defense would got a lead after Saula Waqa’s header just from inside the box goes wide out

1.’ The match gets underway here at Stade Yoshida with Ba to kick off

It’s a must-win match for both Puaikura and Ba.

Coach: Imdad ALI (FIJ)

Match Officials
Referee: David YAREBOINEN [PNG]
Assistant Referee 1: Jeremy GARAE [VAN]
Assistant Referee 2: Hilmon SESE [VAN]
Fourth Official: Kader ZITOUMI [TAH]

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