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New Nasinu League

The Monaiti Engineering and Chemical Supplies Nasinu Football Association Local League competition started last weekend at the Rishikul Grounds in Nasinu.
Association president Lal Oneal Chand said the start of the local league was something clubs were look for as all the clubs came out well prepared.
“I was surprise to see the commitment and dedication from the clubs as all the teams came out prepared and displayed good football, “said Chand.
Chand said they had three more clubs joining this year which made it to twelve clubs.
“We have three new teams this year and we are happy that people are coming and showing their support, “Chand said.
“Police Nasinu FC, CCL Cope FC and Best Ways Supplies Classic FC are the new members of Naisnu FA,” said Chand.
He said the first round of competition was very competitive and entertaining.
“The first round of competition was exciting as we had some upsets with last year’s champion Chelsea FC going down 1-0 to newcomers Police Nasinu FC,” Chand said.
Chand said the competitions would be played in one division only.
“There will be more than hundred matches played as all teams will play each other to determine the winner of the competition, Chand said.
“I would like thank each and every one for their support and heartily thanks to our sponsors Monaiti Engineering and Chemical Supplies for sponsoring our local league competition,”
Here are results of round One.
Police Nasinu FC 1-0 Chelsea FC, Speedwing Sports 6-2 Kalabu FC, CCL Cope FC 3- 1 Nepani FC, Paper&Stationary Supplies Mandir 1- 2 Nasole One FC, Shop & Save NTC 0-1 Friends United.
This week fixtures
9.00am CCL Cope FC vs Nasole Two

10.30am Friends United FC vs Paper & Stationary Supplies Mandir FC

11.50am Shop &Save NTC vs Global Customs Chelsea fc

1.00pm Best Ways Supplies Classic FC vs Police Nasinu FC

2.30pm Nasole 1 vs Nepani fc

3.45pm CCL Cope Fc vs Speedwing fc

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