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Meeting Krishna

The dream of 10 year old, Selestino Baleicikobia came true when he met his idol Roy Krishna last Wednesday.

Baleiciobia who comes from Vunidawa, Naitasiri to attend Fiji FA’s Mom & Pop League progame was given an opportunity to meet Fijian wonder boy Roy Krishna during the Vodafone national football team’s farewell dinner night at Fiji FA Academy in Ba last Wednesday.

A week before this exciting news Fiji FA media highlighted the story of Baleicokobia and his dream to meet Krishna.

He was caught the eyes of many during the Mom & Pop League progame at Fiji FA Academy in Vatuwaqa where he takes more than an hour bus ride to reach the venue.

Balecikobia said he was happy and proud that he met Krishna.

“I was so happy to meet and talk with him, “he said.

When asked what Roy told him,” Baleicikobia said he was told by Roy to listen to his parents and play hard.”

“It was my dream when I heard about Roy’s success and achievement and but I was only dreaming to meet but didn’t knew it will come true.

“This was the first time I met and I thank Fiji FA Media, staff members and Fiji FA chief executive officer Mohammed Yusuf for making my dream a reality.”

His dad Baleucikobia Senior who accompanied him to Ba said he was very proud what Fiji FA has done for his son.

“I would like praise Fiji FA’s contribution in making my son’s dream come true, “he said.

Baleicikobia Snr said he never thought Fiji FA would do something such for his son.

“I am so proud of my son as he has passion for football and what Fiji FA has done for him is something that will make him a better player,” he added.

He said he son was so excited after been told about meeting the star.

“He was so excited after I received the call and told him that he will be meeting Roy and we will go to Ba.”

“He was overjoyed and called his mum who is in Labasa to express his feelings and what I heard in the conversation was Mum “I will make you proud one day”.

Baleicikobia also received a pair boots, soccer ball and a Roy Krishna’s national team jersey.

Meanwhile 9 year old Hannah Vula was also given similar privilege as she was given an opportunity to meet her favorite women football rep Luisa Tamanitoakula and was invited as the special guest during the Vodafone national women team farewell in Suva on the same night.

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