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Khan Returns From NZ,Rejoins Camp

Fiji Football Associational Regional Academy rep Nigel Khan has re-joined the camp after a three months training under the Oceania Football Confederation Education program in New Zealand.

Khan said he was happy to be back home with great knowledge and change in lifestyle.

“It has been a great three months stay in New Zealand as I have learnt a lot, “Khan said.

“I have learnt other player’s cultures and their language as they came from different countries.”

The former Rewa youth rep said he was happy to improve speaking in English.

“I have improved a lot in English speaking as when I was here I used to speak in my mother tongue but over there we were speaking in English all the time.”

Khan said it was good to learn others cultures as well sharing his with them.

“It was good to share other culture and at the same time sharing Fijian culture with them.”

The 16 year old Nadali, Nausori native said some of the challenges he faced was home sick but the support from other participants was great.

“When I went there I was not known to the family I was chosen to home stay but they were very supportive and I managed to adjust well.”

Khan said they treated him like their own son and was happy to home stay with them.

“Even when I went to the One Tree Hill College I thought the students will be pity mean to me but they started talking to me the way I used to talk to them.”

“It was awesome I would say in three months, “said Khan.

Khan said he has learnt a lot of skills and techniques in playing football.

“When I went from here I was not that good as a midfielder but after three months when I look back to myself and I can see lot of change in myself and have learnt a lot.”

As a midfielder he had learnt the way to pass, how to keep body shapes while passing and many more skills from former All Whites rep Philip Parker.

He said Parker was his motivator and always supported him whenever he was down.

“He guided me very well and I am very thank full to Parker for teaching me more on football skills.”

“I have also learn what kind of food to eat before and after training which is very important in our football career.

“We Islanders are not taking our diets seriously and that is the reason we are not improving our football skills,”

Khan is optimistic that his experience will help his teammates here in the camp.

“I have shared my experience with the boys and they all are ready change their attitudes.”

Khan now aims to be selected in the best 20 member squad in the Vodafone Fiji Under 17 and help Fiji qualify for the first ever FIFA U-17 Workshop.

He thanked Fiji Football Association president Rajesh Patel, CEO Bob Kumar, coaches and teammates for supporting him in his career.

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