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Indonesia Club Eye Our Boys

Some of the Vodafone National football team players may become professional players after some clubs from Indonesia showed interest in signing them.

This was confirmed by Vodafone National football coach Christophe Gamel.

“There are a few clubs who are interested in a couple of players, but at this stage we do not want to reveal the names of the players,” Gamel said.

Gamel said the player would go for the trials first before they were signed by the clubs.

“Some players will go for trails may be after Court IDC and if they prove their worth then they will be definitely taken in.”

“I had talked with some of the agents overseas who have shown their interest in some players and which is a positive sign.”

Gamel said there was exactly three players who would have been scouted.

“There was exactly 3 players who were seen by the agents but at the moment I cannot confirm anything.”

“Once we come up with the confirmation then only we can reveal the names of the players.

The Vodafone national football team will march into camp after the Courts IDC to prepare for the match against Estonia in November.

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